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Seven years have passed since Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) was originally released (Image: Rockstar Games)

This new patent is attributed to two Rockstar employees, which indicates that there may be a connection between it and Grand Theft Auto 6.

Even if the distance is close enough, everyone knows Grand Theft Auto 6 In progress, Rockstar has not officially announced.

Fans are eager to obtain any information similar to legal information, and the latest one is a potential patent related to the game.

Was originally discovered Reddit user ElementNo28, The document was submitted in October by Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent company.

GTA Online recently received its Cayo Perico update (Photo: Rockstar Games)

But the invention patent Credit to David Hynd and Simon Parr, who are currently the technical director and chief AI programmer at Rockstar.

With this link, it is very likely that the patent is being used in Rockstar’s next game, which is expected to be GTA 6.

As for the patent itself, it describes a new system for non-player navigation that will make the movement of computer characters more realistic.

You may see the character in place when stuck on the corner of a bench or other object. The system not only prevents this situation, but also defines specific characteristics for each non-player character.

For example, they will drive at different speeds depending on the vehicle they are on, the type of road they are on, or the weather, which sounds almost tailored to GTA and the like.

At present, the actual release of GTA 6 seems to have a long way to go, because Rockstar is currently focusing on updating “Grand Theft Auto Online” and combining it with Grand Theft Auto 5 PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S will be launched later this year.

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