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“Hitman 3” is almost on the digital store, and IO Interactive’s most anticipated 2021 game should receive all the hype and buzz generated after the success of the first batch of the video game series. The company has released a pre-order guide for the next-generation console PS5, which will share all the in-depth details of the upcoming new game.

(Photo: IO Interactive)

IO Interactive, a Danish video game developer and publishing company, is one of the best in the gaming world this month, as it helps with all the knowledge required for the trailer, first look, and upcoming action games. The main business of the “Hitman” series is video games, but it was adapted to fit a larger screen and released two Hollywood movies of the same name.

Agent 47 is coming, this time, he continues his previous version of the adventure, and now brings the landscape and game environment to PlayStation 5 for next-generation games. Assassin-centric video games are expected to continue their initial actions and violence. Features, all revolve around gunfights and battle scenes to stimulate the adrenaline game experience.

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“Hitman 3” PS5 guide: everything you need to know

Killer 3

(Photo: IO Interactive)

according to IO interaction, “HITMAN 3” will be the third dramatic conclusion of the “Assassination World” trilogy, focusing on the story of Agent 47 and his adventures that prevented engineers from creating. It is known that this organization conducts experiments on young children and turns them into killing machines, with barcodes on their foreheads, which are represented by numbers.

“HITMAN 3” provides a total of 60 to 70GB in size and system requirements at the time of download and release. In addition, with the exception of cloud-based online games such as Stasta, all platforms require a one-day patch to install and integrate their games into the game system.

IO Interactive stated that after purchasing “HITMAN 3”, “HITMAN 1 and 2” will have special purchase rights, but game players are required to purchase two games to redeem and enjoy their benefits. The “Standard Edition” and the “Deluxe Edition” offer “HITMAN 3”, the latter featuring a luxurious set with 6 luxurious upgrades, sets, items, weapons and a digital soundtrack of the trilogy.

Hitman 3 pre-order and release date

Killer 3

(Photo: IO Interactive)

IO Interactive has accepted Pre-install or pre-order the game Suitable for PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series S and X and Xbox One consoles. PC and Stadia platforms cannot be booked. However, due to restrictions, Asian players cannot preload the game.

“HITMAN 3” is scheduled to be released globally at 13:00 UTC on January 20 (Wednesday).

“Hitman 3” trailer and gameplay

IO Interactive has released various trailers and eye-catching versions of “HITMAN 3”, telling the early appearance of the infamous Agent 47 and his struggle against the organization’s rule and tyranny.

“HITMAN 2” players can continue their progress in “HITMAN 3”. In the new game, different positions (as shown in its predecessor) and profiles, levels, experience points, etc. will appear.

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