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Do you like survival games?What about survival games Vikings? If your answer to both questions is “yes”, then you may be interested in learning about WallheimCooperative action survival game, is entering Early access The program release date is February 2.The game was published by the unexpected publisher Coffee Stain Publishing Deep Rock Galaxy, Developed by Swedish studio Iron Gate AB.Game joined Growing list Others rooted in Viking legends and traditions. If you are still not satisfied, it may be in your alley.

Wallheim Set in the world generated by the program, focusing on exploration and survival. It claims to have a very powerful combat system, focusing on blocking and avoiding, and a variety of different weapon types to master. These include swords, axes, and enemy corpses (definitely the last one to die). What interests me more is that the game allows you to build and pilot your own spaceship, and I hope it’s only half as fun as it sounds. In addition, the game will feature fortress construction and deep craftsmanship, so there are many things to keep you busy between violence and murder.

Give them a year

Developer expectations Wallheim You can use Early Access for about a year. However, they said, depending on various factors, development may surpass the past. At the first release, both the solo and multiplayer game modes will be fully functional, immediately including almost all the core functions of the game. As the development progresses, new areas, enemies and craft materials will be introduced. Currently, the game has 280 items, 120 components and 35 different monsters. The developer followed up and said that 75% of the game’s functions have been completed, but currently only about half of the planned content has been achieved.We will have more Wallheim The release date is around February 2.

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