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It is better to take action on these notifications than to ignore them. Even if you are happy to pay the same monthly fee – you may miss a more generous data allowance, or miss a new technology, such as ultra-fast 5G downloads, that have not even been rolled out to your contract in the UK when you first registered. But when dealing with these contract termination notices, which one? It was found that some methods produce better discounts than others.

According to Who? According to the collected data, about one-third of the mobile customers surveyed stated that they managed to bargain (33%) or switched service providers (35%) after the contract expired, saving an average of £60 on bills per year . But which one? It was found that some customers who negotiate directly with the provider can save £96 a year. And unlike exchange providers, it does not involve the hassle of exchanging new SIM card numbers.

Mobile providers are also required to inform customers of the best deal available to them in the contract termination notice. One in five mobile phone customers accepted the deal offered in their notification-to protect themselves from the worst price increases (but not necessarily unlock the best deals there).

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