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Google A new update for the web version of Gmail has now been announced, which provides an option to adjust the size of Google chat, rooms and meetings. It is worth noting that after this update, users will be able to adjust the size of the corresponding field in the Gmail network sidebar.

Last year, with the major update of Gmail for G Suite users, Google integrated and consolidated video, chat, email, files and tasks into one roof. Make it easier for everyone to quickly access all important content.

If you use Gmail on the web with the left pane open, this update will undoubtedly make it easier to access and use Gmail chat, “room” and “party”.

You can track the conversation and open a specific chat window. The resizing option also allows you to keep this most important half of the sidebar visible, while leaving limited space for unwanted parts.

To adjust the size of a Gmail chat, room or meeting, just click the title and drag the mouse up and down to adjust the size of each section. This is similar to what users can do with the Hangouts widget.

Although the Hangout widget has had this resizing feature for some time, it is finally available in Google Chat, “Room” and “Party” sections. This will allow users to customize or control the populated interface.

This new Gmail web feature will be enabled for users from January 19, 2021

according to Official blog, This feature is not controlled by the administrator. In addition, this feature has no end user settings. This means it will be open to everyone by default.

Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Plus customers can use this new feature.

In addition, if you use the basic, commercial, educational, educational or nonprofit edition of G Suite, then you can also use the new update.

Google has launched this feature for the web version of Gmail from January 19, 2021. Well, for some people, this may not sound like a big update, but it does add more flexibility and ease of use to Gmail on Gmail. The internet.

This new feature works well with the latest fixed dialogue feature. You can pin a contact, and then adjust the size of the “Google Chat”, “Room” or “Meeting” section to view only those contacts that have been pinned.

It seems that Google’s idea of ​​merging everything into Gmail is not good for them and restricts the interface. This is why the company must introduce a resizing feature to provide its users with greater flexibility.

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