Apple may bring back Touch ID through iPhone 13, and why is the mask | Instant News

Judging from rumors, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13 looks like a beast. Display speed To unique Professional camera function, And now it wants to restore Touch ID. why? Because we now live in a world where masks are commonplace.

According to a report Bloomberg, Which also indicates that Apple may be considering Foldable iPhone, IPhone 13 will not bring back buttons that use Touch ID, but will use Apple’s rumored under-screen fingerprint technology. This has been seen on Android phones for a few years, which means they have been leading the way in accessibility during COVID-19.

Apple’s facial recognition technology has made a lot of progress, but when the face mask appeared, it was not entirely ideal. However, the report also hinted that iPhone 13 will have both fingerprint recognition and facial recognition technology.

Since the iPhone X, there have been rumors about the ID under the Apple display, but since COVID-19, with the rapid changes in facial clothing, the fingerprint technology embedded in the display may be the most popular feature of the iPhone 13.

That, together with its new Steam room plan.

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