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There is no doubt that “Pokemon” is one of the largest franchises in the world, from Japanese manga and anime to Japanese and even Hollywood movies, as well as a series of games for Nintendo and smart phone devices.

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A sealed box of the first version of Pokemon trading cards has been auctioned to make a lot of money.

The value of the Pokemon trading card

Of course, there are many toys that are inspired by cute “Pokemon” monsters (such as plush toys), but “Pokemon Trade Card” is probably the most famous toy. It was created in 1996.

Although the Pokemon Trade Cards are still printed today, the first editions are usually regarded as treasures mainly because of their rarity, such as the Blastoise cards that were printed only twice, which means that there are only Two are available. world.

Over the years, some people have sold the first version of the Pokemon Trade Card for thousands of dollars, which has become quite valuable.

They are good value for collectors who want to collect them all.

Sure enough, the rarer these cards are, the more expensive they are, because the Blastoise card we mentioned earlier sells for as much as $360,000. Polygon, And after rapper Logic won the bid, a rare Charizard card was also sold for $183,000.

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More expensive than Ferrari

But when we thought it all ended here, a sealed box broke the record for the first version of the “Pokemon” card in 1999, and finally sold for more than the price of the 2020 Ferrari Pista.

In terms of background, the base price of the 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista is $350,000, according to Super Car Network.

In this way, this means that the sealed “Pokemon” box will sell more, and because it broke records, it is more expensive than the Blastoise card.

So, how much does the box cost?

according to KosakuThe auction price of the sealed box is as high as $408,000, which is not surprising, because according to the description, it contains one of the Charizard cards that many “Pokemon” card collectors are looking for.

A similar Charizard card was even sold for $350,000, so it’s no surprise that the sealed box was sold at such a high price.

Finally, the purchaser can sell the Charizard card separately, which is likely to bring back more than half of the wealth he spent on the card, so this may actually be a huge investment.

Sale of PTC kits

The sealed box of the first version of the Pokemon Trade Card was auctioned by Heritage Auctions. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the auction even filmed the entire bidding process, which is actually in progress.

These cards have been sold in a staggering number, and people are likely to look around the house for a possible first-version “Pokemon” card, or even a complete set of these old cards, whether they contain rare cards or not.

According to a previous report by an Englishman, this was the case with a man from the UK who was able to sell his entire set of Pokemon trading cards for US$44,000 in July 2020. Technology Times.

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