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YouTube confirmed to Mashable that it monetized Onision because it violated the creator responsibility policy outside the platform.

Onision’s real name is Gregory James Jackson (Gregory James Jackson), a controversial YouTuber who has been accused of abuse and grooming At least six a video Uploaded on Tuesday, he said goodbye to the YouTube community after he was removed from the YouTube partner program. Onision denied all allegations against him.

YouTube replied to the tweet from comment creator Def Noodles on Twitter. The content covered the drama that was happening on the platform. YouTube confirmed that Onision had “suspended indefinitely” advertising revenue from the platform.

This is not the first time Onision has announced its departure from YouTube.Last year, when he started posting profitable content on the website, he also showed a similar stunt Fans.

A YouTube spokesperson further confirmed to Mashable that the content removed from the YouTube partner program included Onision’s sub-channels, UhOhBro and Onision Speaks, and his main channel. He has a total of 5.3 million subscribers across these three channels. The spokesperson added that if the creator’s cross-platform behavior harms YouTube users, the community, its employees or the ecosystem, YouTube may “take action” to protect its community. YouTube stated that this specific ban is related to “child safety-related cross-platform behavior” and violates the platform’s Creator Responsibility Policy.

YouTube stated that these actions are “rare,” but they may still cause widespread harm to the YouTube community and may damage the trust between creators, users and advertisers.

YouTube did not elaborate on the specific circumstances in which Onision endangers cross-platform children. When O’Neill and his husband Kai Avaroe pursued their relationship, most of the women who accused Onision of being abused were minors. Their 2-year-old daughter fell out of the second-story window in September 2019. Police report A document submitted four days later detailed an anonymous email sent to the principal of the school, accompanied by Onision’s two children, who claimed that they had “lived in abusive homes for many years.” The report obtained through the request for public records also pointed out that the local security department has received multiple calls about Onision from “across the country”.

Onision is a recent (also controversial) topic Discovery + Documentary It outlines the allegations and the history of his romantic relationship with young fans, many of whom were teenagers when they met online. YouTube creators and their audiences have been calling for YouTube Platform conflict for many years. When Chris Hansen began interviewing survivors who accused Onision of grooming and abuse, Onision began posting increasingly disturbing “crash” videos on its secondary channel, OnisionSpeaks. These videos have been profitable and have received hundreds of thousands of views.

He is banned Patreon He was suspected of plagiarism after posting screenshots of text between himself and survivors who opposed him. The screenshot includes the phone number of the survivor. Twitch bans Onision In January 2020, but quietly Unban him In October. The OnlyFans and Discord server where he can directly interact with followers is still running.

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