Genshin Impact’s 1.3 update will arrive on February 3 | Instant News

The latest update of Genshin Impact will be in place on February 3rd, and players will celebrate Teyvat’s New Year at Lantern Rite, the largest annual music festival in Li Yue. Players can assist Li Yue’s locals to prepare for the festival and participate in the grand ceremony of the first full moon of the year, thereby immersing themselves in ancient traditions. Countless lanterns will illuminate the night sky and bring the wishes of each family into the eaves, and the streets will line up with food stalls and other celebrations, including the new tower defense game Theatre Mechanicus.

The Lantern Festival will also mark the arrival of the vigilant Yasha Xiao (Xiao), a new five-star playable character. Xiao possesses a polearm and the power of Anemo. He is a fierce and good warrior. He sacrifices his life through elemental explosions in exchange for greater damage. During the Lantern Festival, players will have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Bernard Shaw and one of his lonely lives in the past thousand years.

The events in version 1.3 will provide resources and rewards to prepare players for a new adventure in Teyvat. Passengers can log in every day during Lantern Rite and get ten intertwined destinies for free, more than 1,600 Primogems and other resources, including the Crown of Light, and the opportunity to choose a free 4-star Liyue to join the party. New custom features will be introduced in this update. The archive will be expanded to include information about discovered creatures and defeated enemies. Travelers will be able to display up to eight characters on the “Personal Profile” screen, and a small tool called “parameter converter” will provide a way to turn redundant resources into useful things. Genshin Impact can be downloaded for free from their respective online stores on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android and iOS devices, or for PC from

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