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call-of-dutyBattle royale War zone Less than one year old.When it was launched in March 2020, I Compliment 150 people online game Smooth gameplay, simplified mechanics and fast-paced actions.But all the functions that have been done War zone The wreckage brought by the recent update prevented one of the best royal battles from entering. For now, War zone Mistakes, deception and gun balance issues are a mess.

Keep up with the game trend as a real-time service, constantly update large games, such as War zone It is both a blessing and a curse. New content keeps the game fresh with new weapons, modes and appearances. However, whenever something is added to the game, other things seem to crash.

end of last year War zone Spent a week of trouble Infinite master failure, So that players can produce countless Juggernaut killing streaks. The Juggernaut suit is composed of heavy armor that allows players to swing a mini gun, which can bring a frustrating battle royale experience when dealing with only one or two threats. Fortunately, this fault has now been fixed. However, some old faults have surfaced, including irritation shot defects.

Stimulus shooting is a kind of tactical equipment used for healing, but it is abused so that players can continuously perform unlimited healing.This allows the player to stand up War zoneThe poisonous gas, otherwise it will lead to death, and win unfair victory over all other opponents.Developer Raven Software Tweet The issue of stimulus bombs was resolved with a patch last week, but Some players Still reporting device abuse.

A long-term problem that has not been resolved is Loading freeze. Many players report that their game freezes for a few seconds after trying to collect its load drop, thus making them vulnerable on the map. I have not encountered this problem personally, but it seems to pop up a lot to others.

Since December 16th, the developers have integrated Black Ops Cold War Gun in modern warbased on War zone. Dumping all these surplus weapons into the mixture creates some errors and balance problems. cold warThe DMR 14 tactical rifle quickly became War zoneThe most powerful machine guns are mainly meta, followed by Diamatti pistols and MAC-10 submachine guns. The January 13 update provides nerf for DMR 14 and dual Diamattis, but they are still powerful weapons, especially since the pistol feel Completely unchanged.

On the bright side, DMR 14 nerf players are expanding outward to find sub-optimal guns suitable for long-range shooting. I still see many players using MAC-10 and Diamattis for shooting, but it’s nice to see a variety of better weapons playing. modern warMy favorite CR-56 AMAX assault rifle War zone, And it feels like you can become a competitor without DMR metadata.

CR-56 AMAX assault rifle for modern warfare

modern warCR-56 AMAX assault rifle
image: Activision

one left Reload problem This may happen to some integrated weapons. You can start the gun to reload and watch the animation happen, but sometimes the weapon is not actually loaded. When using this tool, I spent more than a few shootout lives, cold war Weapons in War zone.

Some players want cold war The guns will be War zone, But I think weapons only need proper balance.Of course, it’s worth noting War zone Still a bridge to the future call-of-duty Titles, weapons and equipment arsenal can become a mess.I think call-of-duty Best from Fort night, Provide vaults for certain weapons to keep the game balanced and fresh. I can understand the hesitation of players who bought cosmetics using vault weapons, but vaulting items such as stimulus pellets is not a big problem, so players have no chance to abuse it.

In addition to item problems, there are still rampant cheating War zone.Activision Start fighting against cheaters in modern war with War zone Last April, but nothing seemed to be able to stop the influx of Wallhacks and aimbotting, making this chiseled game lose its integrity. All players can really do is report the cheaters through the in-game options, but Activision viewing and banning the account does not seem to matter; the cheaters just create a new account.Last May, Activision added two-factor authentication requirements to all new products War zone Account on PC. However, hackers are good at finding solutions, and they are still openly cheating. No one wants to deal with cheaters, and many content creators and professionals are very tired of it.

In terms of integrity War zoneIn highly competitive scenarios, bonus competitions are often affected. Players will try to bypass skill-based competitions in the game and enter the “robot lobby” of less skilled players. Various methods are disclosed, including using a specific router to route to a ping location or using an account with reverse enhanced statistics.Currently Twitch opponent Doritos bowl Is the first major War zone from Black Ops Cold War Integrating functions so that private lobbying centers and skills-based docking will avoid any difference. I hope that all future games will have private lobbying, especially those big games.

In addition to all these larger issues, I have a small criticism that the Verdansk map is outdated. I have been complaining for a long time There is still much untapped potential in the landscape of Verdansk.Instead of getting the Verdansk map update for the first season, we got the second map: the smaller one cold wartheme “Rebirth Island”. The smaller map does increase the scenery and pace of the game, and on Verdansk, I often like faster, high-destructive games rather than slower, camping games.Although I still don’t think it needs the same bells and whistles as the larger Verdansk map, Rebirth Island is now my preferred choice War zone matches.

All the complaints here do not mean War zone Although this time is not a fun time, it is often ruined by mistakes or cheating, and these mistakes or cheating should not be a fixed factor in online shooting games.I have invested countless hours War zone, And I hope it will still be my first choice for Royal Royale, but in its current state it is too rough to enjoy. I hope to see a huge update that only focuses on cleaning up errors and balancing weapons, which is more important than just squeezing in new cosmetics or adding a limited time mode. War zone It takes a bit of TLC to return to the excellent form introduced last year.

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