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Please, ma'am, my thirsty.

Please, ma’am, my thirsty.
Screenshots: Capcom

Oh, tall lady, how I love you, let me count.

I love your depth, breadth and height so much that it took me a lot of effort to actually calculate your height.

First, I downloaded Resident Evil: Villageof Young girl Demonstrate on PS5.Even in my brightly lit living room, during the day still Give me a soldier. I usually don’t play horror games, but I like them and I like to experience them through Let’s Plays.Sitting in the driver’s seat is a new one horrifying Experience gives me, but sir, I will do anything for you, so I suppressed the discomfort and persisted.

The first thing I noticed is your gorgeous chair in the wine cellar. I thought that if I could find an analog of your antique chair in the real world, I might be able to infer your height. Oh, dear lady, I should know that your taste is perfect and therefore completely unique. I cannot find a magnificent chair that suits you in our world.


Big lady’s big chair.
Screenshots: Capcom

I have never played resident Evil Before the game, but I have seen enough people have an understanding of how they work, especially their puzzles. After solving the mystery of the maroon eyes-since I was able to do this without help, I was surprised that I found a book that details the history of your family as winemakers. Especially one of the details is eye-catching.

“The winemaking technique of Dimitrescu Castle dates back to the 15th century.”

In this way, I can reasonably assume that your house was built sometime in the 15th century. Put this little trick in your mind and walk away, I further plundered the depths of your (home).

This is where technology develops. After an unpleasant confrontation with one of your daughters and a final encounter with yourself at the gate of the yard, I can draw a reasonable conclusion about your height.


It’s a bit dark, but you can see her shoulder touching the top of the door (according to my research), the height of the door is 86 inches.
Screenshots: Capcom

You have to bow your head through the gate of the yard to reach me, and when you stand up, brilliant Height, I can see that your shoulder is about the same height as the top of the door.I can’t find a reasonable comparison of your chair, but when I carefully studied the size of the antique chair on the Metropolitan Museum of Art website, I found 15th century French door.


The problematic 15th century French gate.
image: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Since I already know that your house is at least old, I think it is reasonable to use the size of the door to determine your height. Of course, an outstanding woman, I would be happy to serve as a personal pinata for you. This assumes that your house is not older than the 15th century and has not undergone any modern decoration during this period.

With all these assumptions, this is what I think. The size of the door makes it 86 inches high, which solves your height from foot to shoulder. Now, to determine your full height, I Googled the average length of a head, which was eight to nine inches.I added an inch because No About you, your big butt, the scary BAMF makes your head to shoulder length 10 inches on average. Add it to 86 inches and you will reach 96 inches (or eight feet) tall.

so big

As a reference, the tallest woman in the world is recorded, with a height of 7 feet 9 inches, which shows that you are not just a mortal, so you should be taller. I know that my calculations rely on assumptions and logical leaps, but what is my love for you? The fact that a lady is happy to pull my intestines from my ears instead of frightening me makes me like you more, rather than leap in logic?


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