The former BFF of Megan Thee Stallion denied taking cash from Tory Lanez | Instant News

Kelsey Nicole, a former friend of Megan Thee Stallion, denied taking cash from Tory Lanez.

After rumors about taking pictures spread, many people accused Kelsey of appearing to help Lanez’s occasion and tested it. There are also rumors that Kelsey and Tori dated before he moved to Megan-she also denied this.

“Don’t you guys say I accepted the boo!” she wrote. “Once I am dissatisfied, you don’t know the pain I suffered that night! This example caused by mfs is so unforgettable, it makes fun and self the best reward! Stop enjoying my title!”

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Just yesterday, a media outlet reported that the cost of taking pictures of Tory Lanez had been reduced. Megan quickly denied this experience, calling it “false information.”

MEGAN THEE stallion and Tory Lane quarantine together

Megan Thee (Megan Thee) Stallion & Tory Lanez (Tory Lanez) Mass Quarantine (; 1:04)

“When can you not provide false information?” She tweeted on Thursday. “Nevertheless, can’t you still see ABUSER choose with me?” She continued.

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