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In the new extensive interview new Zealand Export 1 News, valve Head of Studio Gabe Newell Having lived in New Zealand since the pandemic, his royal guest, Gabeness, talked about all important issues: Half-Life 3?“. Half-Life: AlyxMany people think this is the next great revolution in the world of video games, so fans don’t know what will happen next.

However, he will not be attracted to reveal what this means, even though he knows ly Not hyped up because of any adequate and appropriate opportunities Half-Life 3, After the last chronological game, half life 2: The second episode, the end. When the pandemic started, Newell was on vacation with his family, and now he lives in Newell.

When asked three questions half life with Web portals, And related “fortress“Yes, Newell avoided all this. Will Web portals Making a comeback, or can we see brand new IP from Legendary Studio?

valve There have recently been rumors that the company is developing afortress“But when asked about Newell, Newell quickly ended the conversation.

However, Gabe finally confirmed that there is a new valve The game will be announced soon. Although Newell declined to provide exact details (“I haven’t successfully talked about these things for a long time, and I hope that they will not continue to talk about them until they raise controversial issues.”), he did confirm that the company is in Develop games. development of.I do not know fortress Yes what is fortress?

Newell said: “There are a lot of people moving inside the company, which arouses great interest.” He added that in the pandemic era, New Zealand’s public health infrastructure is “critical” to the company.Only time will tell you the latest release version valve The company will.

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