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Fans of Awesamdude flooded social media to mock his Tom Nook soundboard. Twitter soon Protect the animals Fans of character trends and Nintendo series games are very confused. my world star There are often strange methods Attracted worldwide attention, but people spent a day in the wild Hear those familiar lines In the game.Poor Nintendo Switch fans may think there is some news New horizons Before checking the trending topic and realizing it is completely irrelevant. However, some people follow the trend and decide to share some fan art and memes to achieve good results.Never say Protect the animals For their favorite game, fans are not good sports. Check out some of the following posts:

Nintendo Describe the game For those who have just come here my world.

“If the hustle and bustle of modern life disappoints you, Tom Nook will stand by. He knows a new enterprise you will like: Nook Inc. Desert Island Resort Package! Once a city dweller A member of, had a good time, maybe even a new world, dedicated to public works! But deep down, don’t some of you yearn for… freedom? The doctor ordered it to be on a deserted island Trek long distances on the beaches, where there are abundant pristine natural resources waiting for you!

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