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The WD Black SN850 1TB drive is the fastest PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD currently available. It may not rank first in every benchmark; however, as far as a real world benchmark is concerned, there is nothing else that can be connected with it. Try not to get me wrong; it performed well in the manufactured benchmarks, beating many benchmarks; however, Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus or Samsung 980 Pro has advantages in many places, but in general, this does not degrade the current The pinnacle of this ability.

Western Digital arrived late to the PCIe SSD party, but immediately compensated it with WD SN750, which has been a strong support for the best SSD we use for game guides for a long time. At this time, you have almost no chance to shake the PCIe 3.0 stage, which is still an extraordinary choice. The fact is, WD did not suddenly appear to win the speech crown, and its emphasis on execution has been rewarded.

Western Digital is in an incredible position to build high-quality SSDs, which helps. It can produce everything needed, from dedicated memory regulators to NAND stripes and RAM. It’s all inside, which means it can be harder to push all the smidgen away than the producer who uses the rack part.

In any case, pushing the part hard will clearly show up in another critical area (temperature). The 1TB adaptation of the drive is single-sided, which means that it runs cooler than a 2TB double-sided product. This may be a bit disturbing because this is definitely not a well-functioning drive, and it is 10°C hotter than other PCIe 4.0 drives I have tried recently. It reached 77°C in the test device and utilized the heat sink built into the motherboard.

If your motherboard does not have a packaged radiator, at that time, you may have to spend $20 to buy an expensive drive, which utilizes a Western Digitals external drive stainless steel trailer. Specifically, which one looks good, even if you can find it in your own situation is another question. If you can do some dynamic cooling on the drive, it will be unparalleled. Although there are some things to know, we did not find any suffocating problems in our tests.

You can track the temperature in Western Digital’s Dashboard app. In fact, I don’t approve of Western Digital’s reasoning that it’s good to include the promotion block in its toolkit programming, because it is very valuable for the chance you get one of its drives. In addition, these things are not appropriate. These trivial matters aside, this is one of the better interfaces around, which contains large amounts of data about drive status, execution, devices used to flash the firmware, and allowing Acronis True Image to copy large amounts of data on the current drive.

Ultimately, any solid-state drive is characterized by its presentation, and as stated in the presentation, the WD SN850 is really different here. Manufacturing benchmark tests initiated by ATTO and AS SSD show that this is a lot of second-generation PCIe 4.0 drives with maximum continuous read speeds of 6,750MB/s and 5,920MB/s, respectively. The writing content is lower than Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus, but at the same time stable, 5GB/sec. The 4K combination execution function in AS SSD can also solve this problem, and WD SN850 can determine how to beat the Sabrent drive.

However, the current real-world execution test is the most attractive, and the fast and complete inventory test of PCMark 10 pushes the SN850 path to the scene. In the quick test, its overall throughput was close to 495MB/s, in the full benchmark test, its throughput was 550MB/s, and the drive can continue to be controlled in daily use.

The way of repeating this exhibition in the Final Fantasy XIV benchmark test caused the SN850 to accidentally stack five different scenes in the shadows in less than 7 seconds, which will not make people dizzy and close. While many “fast” SSDs actually take 12 seconds to complete this task, it shows how the latest innovations can improve game execution. The 1TB version of the drive is single-sided, which means its operating temperature is lower than that of the 2TB double-sided product

Western Digital deserves attention recently. WD_Black AN1500 performed a dizzying execution in the PCIe 3.0 stage, and an external SSD similar to the P50 also performed well in our tests. As we have already said, SN750 is also the most advanced competitor in terms of cost/execution.

SN850 has been expanded as a whole to keep pace with other products and become the demo drive you need in gaming PCs. This brings us to valuation. The closest drivers are the Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus and Samsung 980 Pro. Sabrent’s price is 30 dollars cheaper than this, direct to 200 dollars, so it has a slight advantage in cash rewards.

The Samsung 980 Pro, which had advantages for several months, was scrapped, especially because its price was comparable to the SN850, but the newer drive was missed in every measurement (except for operating temperature). Obviously, this is not a bad drive, but, because at this moment we need to recommend the use of the most advanced SSD, there are few opportunities, there is only one clear choice, and that is WD SN850. This is just the best drive you can buy today.

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