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Las Vegas (KLAS)- Elon Musk can be seen everywhere, this is a trait he inherited from his mother Maye Musk.

But even though Elon Musk’s reputation is all about technology and the wealth he gained from his enterprising career, his mother’s background is quite different. Maye Musk (Maye Musk) has been a model since she was 15 years old. She raised three children alone after a cruel marriage.

Her story is well documented in magazine articles-from financial giants to Forbes to Vanity Fair. In 2019, she told the story in her book: “Women make plans: lifelong advice on adventure, beauty, and success.”

“People often ask me how to raise such successful children. I do this by letting them follow their interests,” she wrote.

“If they like to start a business and you think it’s a good idea, support them. Teach your children to behave well. But let them decide what they want.”

Quick facts:

  • Born in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1948. She is twins.
  • Moved with family to Pretoria, South Africa in 1950
  • Nominated for Miss South Africa pageant in 1969
  • Married to Errol Musk in 1970
  • Obtained two master’s degrees-nutrition and nutrition
  • Divorced in 1979
  • Moved to Canada in 1989

She has a list of honors, including Revlon ads, Elle Magazine, Target and Virgin America campaigns, and nude photos from Time Magazine and New York Magazine. She became CoverGirl’s oldest spokesperson at the age of 69 in September 2017.

Another excerpt from her book:

I love my children and I am proud of their achievements. My oldest child, Elon, is making electric cars to protect the environment and launch rockets. My high school student Kimbal has opened a farm-to-table restaurant and is teaching children across the country to establish fruit and vegetable gardens in underserved schools. My youngest child, Tosca, runs his own entertainment company and is responsible for producing and directing romance movies in best-selling novels. They all have different interests.

Elon Musk’s impression of Nevada-from Solar City to Tesla’s Gigafactory to the tunnel system of Boring Company-has been steadily growing.he Credit to his mother Instill independence, entrepreneurship, wit and fearlessness.


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