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Entei “Pokemon Go” Attack Guide: January 2021 (
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Tomorrow, Entei’s “Pokemon Go” raid will be conducted for the first time since 2019. It is important to pay close attention to the top Entei’s “Pokemon Go” counter to help trainers knock down pure Entei-type “Pokemon”, which can also be encountered in the prominent Entei “Pokemon Go” shiny form.

With the help of Entei “Pokemon Go” raid guide, players should prepare their team to prepare and accept this legendary “Pokemon” legend from the famous Johto region. Players should also know how to obtain Entei’s “Pokemon Go” with a perfect capture strategy and understand Entei’s 100% IV. The story of BleedingCool.

How to obtain: Entei “Pokemon Go” counter

use Pokemon It is a good tool for calculating all possible combinations of “Pokemon” and moves. List the following top Entei “Pokemon Go” counters:

  • Mega Blastoise-can use water cannon or water cannon

  • Rampardos-Smack Down or Rock Slide can be used

  • Shadow Swamp-Mud Shot or Hydraulic Cannon can be used

  • Shadow Gallardos-can use waterfall or water pump

  • Shadow Tyrant-Can use kill or stone blade

  • Rhyperior- Mud-Slap or Rock Wrecker can be used

  • Kyogre- can use Waterfall or Surf

  • Shadow Omastar- can use stone throwing machine or hydraulic pump

  • Kingler-Can use Bubble or Crabhammer

  • Shadow Aerodactyl- can use Rock Throw or Rock Slide

It is also recommended that players increase the power of their counter as much as possible, and at the same time, even the unlocked action is enough to create a powerful Mega or Shadow “Pokemon”, which is still a high requirement for those well-trained players. In addition, there are 10 non-shaded or even non-large counters that can be used to efficiently clear Entei “Pokemon Go”.

  • Terrakion-Smack Down or Rock Slide can be used

  • Feraligatr-can use water gun or water cannon

  • Swamp-can use water cannon or water cannon

  • Landorus-can use mud shot or earth power

  • Garchomp-can use mud shooting or earthquake

  • Landorus-can use mud shot or earth power

  • Empoleon-can use waterfall or hydraulic cannon

  • Crawdaunt-Waterfall or Crabhammer can be used

  • Gyarados-waterfall pump or hydraulic pump can be used

  • Tyrant-Smack Down or Stone Edge can be used

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How many trainers are needed

Entei “Pokemon Go” PVP can be defeated by two coaches. However, for those players who cannot guarantee the top counter and the highest CP and the best move, just in case, the player should probably join with three to five players.

It is also important to use the ring lock technique to ensure an excellent throw and use it with Golden Razz Berries, this is the best way to catch up with Entei.

Entei’Pokemon Go’ shiny

The chance of finding this legendary “Pokemon” is about one in 20. When looking for the best performing “Pokemon”, it is said that 100% IV Entei will have 1984 CP under normal weather conditions and 2480 CP under enhanced weather conditions.

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