“Eternal Destruction” studio’s new game gets R18+ rating | Instant News

Eternal doom Studio, Id software‘S latest unnamed item R18+ classification has been obtained From the Australian Classification Council.

VR game made by the publisher (currently named Project 2021A) Bethesda of fell out with Skyrim Fame. This level contains many warnings, the main warning being “seriously affecting violence”. This special warning is shared by the latest version of Id Softwares, Eternal doom.

The scoring matrix is ​​vague, but provides a basic overview of the content of the game. Drug use, gender, and nudity are still grayed out, which means that the content does not require warning, but the language and “theme” are highly rated, and violence is the highest.

Aside from the potential of virtual reality and next-generation consoles, little is known about the project. The current name is assumed to be the code name, but it can actually remain unchanged.

Doom This is the company’s last attempt at VR technology.This game is an independent game after restart doom Universe, and plans to speculate on the sequel regularly.

Eternal doomReleased to game consoles and PCs in 2020, after a busy year – Game Pass for Xbox and PC in the winter, Updating for switch port. Owners of PS5 and Xbox Series X have obtained guarantees for the upcoming ports, which can automatically upgrade users who already have games on previous generation consoles.

Elsewhere in the game news, Konami refutes claims that they will close its video game division. The company issued a statement after the earlier press release, assuring fans that they are only merging the department, not dissolving the department completely.

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