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A new error was found in Cyberpunk 2077 The dialogue with Takemura will not trigger the “Down on the Street” mission. On Twitter, the developer CD Projekt Red acknowledged the error and claimed to be developing a patch to solve the problem. Although it may not be timely for fans who are in trouble, the developer has revealed a potential workaround on their website that may be helpful to those experiencing problems. However, it should be noted that using this method requires a previously saved file.step From CD Projekt Red It can be found below.

  1. Load a gameave before Takemura and V leave Wakako’s office.
  2. Immediately complete the conversation with Takemura outside the office
  3. After completing the dialogue, please skip 23h when the task is updated.
  4. Check if holocall is triggered and start a conversation with Takemura

It is not uncommon for such errors to pop up after the game is released, because it is difficult for any developer to test every possible problem before the game is released.Unfortunately, the surrounding problems Cyberpunk 2077 Since December, this latest bug has made players even more frustrated. Obviously, CD Projekt Red hopes to eliminate the game to some extent. In the long run, this may come at a huge price. Such as Countless class actions Has now targeted Developer.

Regardless of the frequent problems that occur in most modern games, the Cyberpunk Since its release last month, the narrative surrounding it may be supplemented.In fact, the answer to alternative methods and fixes On twitter Full of mockery from many responders. Nevertheless, CD Projket Red is still working hard to make the game reach a level that everyone is satisfied with. Many players like Cyberpunk 2077 In the current avatar, It is very interesting how these upcoming patches will affect the understanding of the title in the coming months.

Cyberpunk 2077 Now available for PlayStation 4. PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X series personal computer, And Google Stadia.You can view all our previous reports on the game Right here.

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