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Google Stadia has a pretty busy week, between Tuesdays The Stadia Connect event and new launches Game Stadia Pro for May. Stadia for Android too see update to version 2.16 this week, which continues preparations for Android TV, as well as starting work on sharing catches and more.

About APK Insight: In this “APK Insight” post, we have compiled the latest version of the application that Google uploaded to the Play Store. When we decompile these files (called APKs, in the case of Android applications), we can see various lines of code in the instructions about possible features in the future. Remember that Google may or may never submit these features, and our interpretation of what they might be is not perfect. However, we will try to activate those that are nearing completion, to show you how they will look if they ship. With that in mind, read on.

4K and others on Android TV

Starting with an interesting note, the Google Stadia application has added many new strings that refer to turning off 4K surround sound, HDR, and 5.1. From the phrase, we think this option has something to do with adjusting the quality of streaming on your Android device.

Therefore, considering that not many Android phones have a 4K screen, this setting is probably in preparation Stadia Android TV Application. This theory is supported by a string that says HDR is not available on your “display” or “screen” which would strongly recommend an external display.

As a reminder, strings in the Stadia application usually come in pairs – the text itself and a descriptive guide to help translators when bringing Stadia to other languages.

A modal dialog title that explains that the 4K option can be activated

4K resolution available

A message appears in a modal dialog explaining that the 4K option can be activated by reopening the game being played

Close and reopen your game for 4K resolution support.

Label for a 5.1 surround sound flow capability that can be activated or deactivated during the current game session

5.1 surround sound

The message displayed in the modal dialog explains that the user display does not support HDR mode

The screen you are playing on does not support HDR.

We also found a pair of strings that indicate Google Stadia can make 4K streaming a separate switch, rather than being linked to your data usage settings.

A modal dialog title that explains that the 4K option is disabled by the user’s Data Saver Mode setting

Change data usage

The message displayed in the modal dialog explains that the 4K option can be activated by changing data usage settings

Update your data usage settings for 4K resolution support.

Catch link sharing

Just a few days ago, Google Enable the use of the capture key on the Stadia Controller when playing on an Android phone. Currently, the only way to share your Stadia screenshots and videos is to download them and share the file with friends or social media. Apparently, the next step for Stadia is to make catching a more useful social feature, by adding a share button.

The tooltip is displayed on the share icon button when viewing a capture, when the catch has not been shared and you can share it.

Share catch

The message is displayed in the snackbar after you press the ‘share’ button when viewing the capture. We made a link to this catch that others can use to see the catch.

Creating links to share …

The title of the sharing dialog, which presents options related to sharing catches.

Share your catch

The catch sharing dialog body, which presents options related to catch catch. This message explains what it means to link that can be shared publicly.

Anyone who has this link can see your catch

After you mark captures as shared, a new “Link link” button will appear, which will allow you to immediately copy or share the Stadia catch link to friends. Presumably this will all work very similar to the Google Photos link sharing option.

Button text that will open the OS level sharing sheet to share this capture link.

Share link

Needless to say, this is much easier than downloading videos manually and hoping that anyone you send can play the .webm file.

Text chat

Right now at Stadia, the only way you can talk to friends is by voice, either in the game or through the party system. With Stadia 2.16, we found a large number of new references in the code for “chat,” “chat messages,” “conversations,” and “direct messages.”








activate TextChatFlag

For now, the Stadia chat feature appears to be in a very early condition, not something Google will launch in too soon.

List of achievements

When playing Stadia on the web or from Chromecast, you can open your profile to see what achievements you have opened for certain games and which to do. This is currently not possible at Stadia for Android, but work has begun to bring the feature to an end. Some strings are currently empty, indicating that this is still in process.

The text is displayed on the achievement detail page

The page title that displays the achievement details

The title of the list that lists the achievements in the game that the player just received.

Text on the dropdown item label that allows users to sort the list of game achievements based on the standard game achievement order.

Game order

Repair shop Stadia

One small complaint that has arisen in recent months is that the Stadia Pro discount is only shown to Stadia Pro members. This is very annoying, because sometimes the discounts offered exceed the cost of updating Stadia Pro for a month. To help players save money and to further promote Stadia Pro, Stadia Store will immediately show non-Pro members the discounts offered with Pro.

The title on the Shop Details page explains that the item can be purchased at a discount by subscribing to Stadia Pro.

Get discounts with Stadia Pro

A label description that indicates that the item provided is a percentage given with a Pro subscription.

% with Stadia Pro

Likewise, Stadia Store will notify non-Pro members that the game they see is currently available to claim for free for Pro members.

The title on the Shop Details page explains that the item can be claimed by subscribing to Stadia Pro.

Claim for free with Stadia Pro

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