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Facebook’s corporate mission is to “bring the world closer together, “But as coronavirus continues to endanger life all over the world, one company designer has come up with a new tool to take people a little further. Operating under its fashion technology brand Lumen CoutureOculus’s Chelsea design manager Klukas has introduced a face mask that can animate short messages or images on a large screen, which most allows users to remind others to keep a distance of six feet for social distance.

Available for preorder at $ 90 and scheduled to be sent in early May – “maybe sooner!” – that LED Matrix Mask combines a relatively low-resolution but bright 512-LED LED screen with a USB charged battery and a washable cotton / mesh mask. Using the Android or iOS application, you can draw, write text, or use presets for masks, which last for 3-4 hours per charge, enough for a visit to the supermarket and / or walk to or from your home.

The good news is that the black mask is functional and sure to attract attention – moreover, Klukas offers DIY YouTube guide to make your own if you don’t want to pay $ 90, the proceeds from it will be shared with the WHO COVID-19 Response Fund. On the other hand, the mask “was not tested for medical efficiency and also did not make claims for medical protection,” so it was offered “at your own risk.”

Although that’s not surprising, you might want to think of it more as something new than it depends on your health. If you want to have fun with it, the mask can also display an equalizer that responds to your music or sound from your cellphone.

Lumen Couture has been creating LED-based clothing for years, selling programmable belts, shirts, skirts and chokers, and renting costumes for events and commercial use. While product categories that can be subject to technology are filled with deception, the time of release of this mask might make it the best demonstration, but on how an outward-looking display can benefit the users and those around them.

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