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We are only a few months into 2020, and we have gotten many new details around Sony next generation console, PlayStation 5. In spite of the recent coronavirus pandemic situation, this system is rapidly approaching its launch during the holiday season this year, and although there is still much we don’t know about it, the latest facts are slowly clearing the mist around what we are can be expected. Last year, Sony began unveiling the first few details about the next generation plan with the PS5, and we only hope it will continue in the coming months, especially with the official website that is now being launched.[[[[Update: Sony is the host live stream to discuss PS5 details. That’s mostly technical discussion, but we have updated the text below with the most relevant details that Sony shared. Next, Sony shared the first details about The PlayStation 5 controller, known as DualSense. It features a different two-toned design, a built-in mic, a rechargeable battery, and a “Create” button that replaces the PS4 Share button. You can read more about this below.]

First, we know what the console is official name will: not surprisingly, this console is indeed called PlayStation 5, as expected. In addition, we have learned what it is the logo It seems, and that is equally not surprising. During 2019, it was revealed that PS5 will also have it PS4 backwards compatibility and SSD storage, and it will support PSVR. The company has also outlined several green, energy-saving initiatives planned for the next generation.

If Sony follows the outline for how to properly launch the PS4, we can expect it to be a special host PlayStation meeting event. There is some speculation that such an event could occur in February but it did not happen. If or when such an event is held, it can be when we learn about things like prices and launching game lines. However, when Sony intends to launch new information, it will not be where you expect it to be. Just like last year’s E3, Sony plans to pass E3 2020 before being canceled, and ditto for GDC 2020 because of coronavirus problems.

Below you can find all the known details about the upcoming Sony console. It’s likely we will hear more details – big or small – in the coming months, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back as often as more is confirmed.

PS5 Release Date

This must be a question on everyone’s lips: when will the PS5 come out? Sony, as you might expect, is very closed on this issue, but has confirmed a Release window “holiday 2020” for PlayStation 5. The company is no more specific than that – Microsoft also provides the same faint window – but historically, November has been a frequent month for console releases in the past.

PS5 price

Once again, Sony hasn’t stated how much the new console costs, but he says so PS5 price will appeal to gamers. “I believe that we will be able to release it on SRP [suggested retail price] which will appeal to gamers given the set of advanced features, “said Mark Cerny, PS4’s main architect who is currently working on a replacement.

Of course, you wouldn’t expect Sony to say anything different, but people feel that the company has learned from the exorbitant price of the PS3 – and the subsequent console struggle – and the more reasonable PS4 costs and subsequent success.

Will the PS5 be compatible with PS4 games?

Cerny too confirmed that PS5 will be compatible with PS4 games, because the two consoles are built on a similar internal architecture. This will be hot news for those who are disappointed with the lack of PS4 compatibility with PS3, PS2 and PS1 games.

In the case of games that can be played by players, the full list has not been confirmed. However, Cerny noted that The 100 most played PS4 games will be played on PS5 at launch and everything will work better than before. “Running PS4 and PS4 titles at an increased frequency also adds complexity,” Cerny said. “The increase is huge this time and some game code can’t handle it. Testing should be done on a title-by-title basis. But the results are very good. We recently looked at the top 100 PlayStation 4 titles as ranked by playing time and we hope that almost everything can be played when launched on PlayStation 5. “

He also discussed how backwards compatibility will be approached on the PS5 internally, and how functionality will not be removed at the next console iteration given the nature of their approach to designing features. “One way you can achieve backward compatibility is by putting the previous console chip into a new console, like we do with some PlayStation 3,” he said. “But that, of course, is very expensive. A better way is to incorporate all the differences in the previous console logic into a new custom console chip. That is, even as technology develops, the logic and features set by the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro are still relies on backward compatibility mode. One of the advantages of this strategy is that, once backward compatibility is on the console, it comes in. It’s not as if the cost down will remove backward compatibility like in the PlayStation 3. “

SIE President Jim Ryan told the GameSpot brother site CNET Backward and cross-gen compatibility is important for PS5 to help players have a smooth transition.

“Whether it’s backward compatibility or the possibility of playing across generations, we will be able to transition the community to the next generation,” he said. “That won’t be a binary choice about whether you have to be on PlayStation 4 or the next generation to continue your friendship.”

In more welcomed news, PS4 games will run even faster than they do on your current console, partly because PS5 will contain a solid state drive, not the hard drive sent by the current console. Cerny has shown a loading screen from Spider-Man Insomniac that takes less than one second on the PS5 development kit, compared to 15 seconds on the PS4 Pro.

Sony showed off a faster loading time during an investor presentation in May. You can see the video below, which was captured by a Wall Street Journal reporter, Takashi Mochizuki.

PS5 Specifications and Disk Drive

This is where Sony is surprisingly frank with new information. The company has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will contain AMD chips which have third generation CPUs based on Ryzen. It will have eight cores of the Zen 2. 7-nanometer microchip. The console will also support 8K gameplay, but this will of course depend on TVs that catch up.

The chart will be driven by a custom version of the Nade Radeon line. This graphics chip will support ray-racing, something that is starting to become popular in movies and video games. Although traditionally considered a lighting technique, Cerny said this technique can also enhance audio games. In fact, PS5 will fully support 3D audio.

The SSD is also a big detail, because it means the game will load faster and can handle more objects on the screen at once than the current HDD-driven console. Characters and cameras can move faster through the game world, because the environment can be loaded faster than they are today. That will also lead to Faster installation time for games and patches.

As one last detail, we know the PS5 will not continue the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition route, which does not include disk drives. Instead, the PS5 will include a disk drive, so rest assured you will still be able to buy and play physical games. The PS5 disk will have a capacity of 100 GB, and the console will also support 4K Blu-Rays.

Sony has also confirmed that the PS5 is able to support Visual 4K at 120Hz for those who have a TV that can support that. 120Hz is a refresh rate of about twice the speed of a standard TV. You can check complete specifications under:

PlayStation 5 specifications

Component Spec
The CPU 8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz (variable frequency)
The GPU 10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CU at 2.23GHz (variable frequency)
GPU architecture RDNA 2 Custom
Memory / Interface 16GB GDDR6 / 256-bit
Memory Bandwidth 448GB / s
Internal storage SSD 825GB specifically
Throughput IO 5.5GB / s (Raw), Typical 8-9GB / s (Compressed)
Expandable Storage NVMe SSD slot
External storage USB HDD support
Optical Drive 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive

PS5 controller

Sony has opened its vision to PlayStation Controller 5 by saying: “One of our goals with the next generation is to deepen the feeling of immersion when you play games, and we have the opportunity with our new controllers to rearrange how the sense of touch can add to that dyeing.

“For that reason, there are two key innovations with the new PlayStation 5 controller. First, we adopted haptic feedback to replace the ‘thunderous’ technology found in controllers since the 5th generation of consoles. With haptics, you really feel a wider range. feedback, so crashing into a wall in a race car feels a lot different from making a tackle on a soccer field. You can even get a taste for various textures when running through fields of grass or running through mud.

PS5 DualSense Controller

“The second innovation is something that we call adaptive triggers, which have been incorporated into the trigger button (L2 / R2). Developers can program trigger resistance so that you feel the sensation of touching drawing arcs and arrows or speeding off road vehicles through rocky terrain. In combination with haptics, this can produce a powerful experience that better simulates various actions. Game creators have begun to receive early versions of the new controller, and we can’t wait to see where their imagination goes with the new features they have. “

On April 7, Sony shared additional details, confirming that the controller was using a rechargeable battery. It also reveals the design, which you can see above – it has a display of tones and a built-in microphone feature, so you don’t need to use a headset for online voice chat. Furthermore, the Share button of the DualShock PS4 has been replaced by what Sony now calls the Create button. Details about what the changes mean have not been shared, with Sony explaining in a PlayStation Blog Post, “With Create, we are once again pioneering a new way for players to create epic gameplay content to be shared with the world, or just to enjoy themselves.”

SIE boss Jim Ryan added, “DualSense marks a radical departure from our previous controller offer and captures how strongly we feel about making the next generation leap with PS5. The new controller, along with many innovative features on PS5, will be transformative for games – continuing our mission at PlayStation for pushing the limits of the game, now and in the future.For the PlayStation community, I really want to thank you for sharing this exciting journey with us as we head for the launch of the PS5 on Holiday 2020. We look forward to sharing more information more about PS5, including console design, in the coming months. “

Can I Use Expandable Storage with PS5?

PS5 allows users to install expandable storage that does not belong to Sony, gives you the option to purchase components that are not available on the market for inclusion in the system. According to a Digital Foundry Report, “The NVMe PC drive will work on PlayStation 5, [but] the only problem is that PC technology is significantly behind the PS5 [and] Sony needs to validate them to ensure that they will function properly. “

In Cerny’s talk about the PS5, he noted that Sony is testing expandable storage devices to ensure that they can physically fit into the PS5 and also provide the required performance. The company has advised people not to buy a drive before expressing a recommendation, so don’t jump around first in your efforts to prepare yourself for the upcoming launch. SSD storage that is compatible with PS5 is is expected to be launched “a little longer”even though.

Will PS5 Support PSVR?

The current PSVR will indeed be supported by PS5, as is the PlayStation Move controller. “I will not discuss the details of our VR strategy,” said Cerny, “other than saying that VR is very important to us and that the PSVR headset is currently compatible with the new console.” The system architect stopped saying whether the new PSVR device would ever come out.

It is believed that Sony’s briefing on CES 2020 could bring with him some PlayStation 5 news, but that turned out not to be a problem. Sony Jim Ryan appeared on stage to share some impressive statistics about PS4 and to reveal the PlayStation 5 logo, which you can see below. This is not surprising, maintaining the same style that is used for the current generation. Beyond that, Sony has nothing new to discuss about the PS5 during a technology-focused event.

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Energy efficiency

Although Sony has generally been quiet about the PS5 since its announcement, it has come forward to reveal a little more information regarding the announcement of UN initiatives. Playing for the Planet Alliance aims to make the video game industry more environmentally friendly. For this reason, Sony announced that the next generation of hardware will use far less power when placed in suspend / sleep mode. Only one million PS5 users who turn on the energy saving feature will save enough electricity to support 1,000 homes in the US. The company is also assessing carbon footprints and looking for data centers that are more energy efficient.

PS5 game

We don’t know yet that many games have been confirmed to come to PS5. It makes sense to assume annual titles like FIFA and Call of Duty will make the leap to PS5, even though their developers have not stated anything concrete.

At the moment, the only PS5 game to be confirmed is Godfall, an action-melee-based lee RPG. It’s scheduled for late 2020, which is most likely making it the PS5 launch game. However, time will tell!

Another game might be confirmed played on PS5 is a Final Fantasy VII remake, after Square Enix’s president and CEO, Yosuke Matsuda said: “I believe that our team has made it so that the game will support the next generation and the current generation of consoles. I believe it is being developed so that it will be played on both, so I don’t really worry about that and I believe that fans will also be able to enjoy it on both, including the next generation of consoles. “

However, it is unclear whether Matsuda refers to the special edition of the PS5 game, or whether he only refers to the PS4 version that can be played on PS5 through backwards compatibility. If the latter, then technically we can count every PS4 game that can be played on PS5.

Finally, we know Bluepoint Games, the studio behind such remakes Giant shadow and Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection, is working on PS5 games what he said was “big”.


The new PlayStation 5 user interface will allow you to see more details about your friends’ games without opening the application yourself. “Although it will be fast enough to boot the game,” said Cerny, “We don’t want players to have to boot the game, see what happens, boot the game, see what happens. The multiplayer game server will provide the console with a series of activities that can combined in real time, a single player game will provide information such as what missions you can do and what rewards you might receive to complete them – and all of those choices will be visible on the UI. As a player you have just jumped directly into whatever you like . “

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