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Then, it was the view after the earthquake that destroyed the city. Now, this is a reminder of disturbing natural events that are not transmitted virally.

Although Covid-19 has become a global preoccupation – and rightly so – Covid-19 does not remove other catastrophic events from existence.

The fact Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories, the latest entry to a two-decade-old franchise about the survival of extreme events, was initially postponed and then canceled immediately in response to the 2011 underwater earthquake, which caused the tsunami to cause major damage to the Tohoku region, Sendai city and the Fukushima power plant.

But as hand washing, confinement at home, DIY face masks and social distance occupy every day in April 2020, Disaster Report 4 turning his gaze to what can, for the time being, be seen as a window on how we can survive the imminent danger.

Visiting a new city for a job interview, but caught up in a devastating earthquake, players work with up to 60 other characters, working together to help them escape aftershocks, fleeing fires, avoiding building collapse and finding stable land and important supplies.

While the choice of players proved to be crucial in determining the fate of other citizens, highlighting how we help or hinder each other in our daily lives and extraordinary circumstances, Disaster Report 4 does not take himself fully seriously, with strange moments studded with many.

The main characters that can be adjusted stand out even further thanks to a series of optional costumes, which are mostly free, with a little extra upstream income.

Such ridiculous movements in the face of mortal danger are fully in accordance with the tradition of franchising.

Strange, ridiculous choices, both manifested as clothing or conversation choices, encourage players to deviate from their own approach, whether habits or aspirations.

Instead, there is an opportunity to understand the dynamics behind a morally dubious or damned situation; together, comedy moments and their lightness remind us that we can experience various reactions to difficult moments.

Disaster Report 4 released internationally for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC starting April 7. – AFP Relaxnews


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