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On our YouTube channel, we are broadcasting a video series that aims to highlight novel, interesting and useful applications for the following products: iPhone with IPad We think it is worth downloading and checking out.

Too many apps app Store It may be difficult to find new, high-quality apps to download, and it’s easy to overlook some good outdated apps.Our featured products for February include apps for customizing Apple Watch and ‌iPhone‌, finding and managing Apple music, Track TV shows, take notes, etc.

  • Sur ($4.99)-Soor is a music player integrated with ‌Apple Music‌ to make it easier to find new music. There are multiple themes, and a complete “Apple Music” control can be used to search for content, like songs, share content, and add songs to playlists.It comes with a set small parts It can be added to the home screen or “Today” center, and has an attractive “Now Playing” interface.
  • TV forecast (Free)-TV forecasting allows you to track the TV shows you are watching, thus providing an easy way to mark the TV shows you are watching. There will be notifications when new programs are about to be broadcast, and you can share the progress with friends and family. TV shows have information about actors, and you can get recommendations for watching new shows. “TV Forecast” can broadcast five programs for free, but it costs $0.99 per month.
  • Moroko (Free) -Moloko is a theme application, by swapping out icons, you can customize the iOS home screen more easily. It provides a series of themes that have custom icons for built-in and third-party applications and are easy to install, so you don’t need to use “shortcut” applications and replace icons manually. Note that you will need to install a configuration file to use the quick icon swap.
  • Aviary ($3.99)-Aviary is a third-party Twitter client that can be used on all Apple devices and can be used instead of the default Twitter application. It has a simple and clean interface that can be customized as you like, and it also supports modern features such as polls, hashtags, trends, etc.
  • Craft (Free) -Craft is a document creation and management tool that can be used to take notes and organize ideas. It supports Markdown, backlinks, code snippets, images and videos, and any content you create can be shared via network links. Craft is free, but there is a $4.99 “Pro” subscription option per month.This Professional Edition Supports larger file options, provides more storage space, and has a version history function.
  • Buddy monitoring (Free)-BuddyWatch is an application that makes it easier to create new watch faces for Apple Watch. You can share watch faces, view watch faces designed by others, and get watch face suggestions based on your preferences.
  • Kitty letter (Free)-Designed by Matthew Inman of Oatmeal. He also created the popular game Exploding Kitten. Kitty Letter is a word game. You can create words from mixed letters to form an exploding cat army to attack you Neighbors and defend your home. You can play single-player games or face-to-face with friends.

Do you have a favorite iOS app? Let us know in the comments.We are always looking for new iOS app ideas and always check suggestions from Mcrums reader.You can see our Recommendations from the first few months, Don’t miss our Mac application series Contains great Mac applications worth checking out.


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