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A kind New picture Claims to provide our first real observation of Apple’s next-generation products AirPods.Picture, shared by 52 audio, While showing the “AirPods” and the charging box, the website claims that this is the third iteration of wireless earbuds.

52 audio In the past Share image Claims to show different parts of the third-generation “AirPods”.Most notably, the site shared an X-ray image in November, claiming to be the new “AirPods”, but Later proved It’s just a fake, but only the current generation of compressed X-ray images AirPods Pro.

However, the image shared today is consistent with what we know about the third-generation “AirPods” so far. Bloomberg Already Reported The new “AirPods” will use smaller stems and silicone earplugs, drawing on the design tips of the “AirPods Pro”, but they will reportedly lack high-end features such as active noise reduction.

according to 52 audio With the title of the leaked image attached, the new “AirPods” will be equipped with a pressure release system, which is the same technology as the “AirPods Pro”. This system is designed to balance the pressure in your ears to eliminate the discomfort caused by long-term use of “AirPods”. According to the image, the charging box will be smaller than the box rectangle of AirPods Pro comes, and more in line with the original AirPods box, but an LED charging indicator is added on the front.

The third-generation “AirPods” can also learn from the touch controls of “AirPods Pro”. According to the attached 3D rendering, 52 audio, Each new earbud will have a touch control surface instead of the single-button and double-tap controls on the current ‌AirPods‌ (first and second generations).

3d rendering new airpods 52audio

According to the latest report, the new “AirPods” are expected to provide the same five hours of continuous audio playback as the second-generation “AirPods”.This is different from the details previously provided BloombergHowever, the company claims that Apple hopes to extend the battery life of the new model to more than five hours currently. In addition, the new report also claims that “AirPods Pro” is currently very likely to support “Spatial Audio”, which is currently unique to “AirPods Pro”.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo In November last year, said that the new “AirPods” will be First half.according to 52 audio, The new “AirPods” will debut in early March. this week, BloombergMark Gullman Pour cold water in Speculation Apple will hold an event on March 16. However, he did not open the door for an event on another date in March.

Lick Jon Proser, Has a different record in reporting on Apple’s plans, and recently reported that the events of March 16 (now unlikely) will make headlines AirTag and the new iPad. Apple released the “AirPods Pro” in a press release in 2019, so it remains to be seen how and when Apple will release the next generation of “AirPods”.


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