The EVO 2020 tournament will move online – fans worry that a bad server connection will ruin the event | Instant News

For the fighting game fanatics, this year’s Evolution Championship Series (EVO) tournament will be made online just because ongoing pandemic.

Scheduled for this July, the tournament will host several big name battle titles such as Street Fighter V Champion Edition, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Soul Calibur VI and Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

Image credit: EVO

The company made an announcement on their official Twitter page and said that all ticket refunds and hotel reservations will be made for those present in the near future. With tournaments now online as opposed to traditional LAN and single console formats; it raises questions about how well the game server can handle the entry of players who join.

Capcom and Nintendo are known for their poor server connections when it comes to Street Fighter V and Super Smash Bros respectively. So, we can expect rules to be put in place that will allow some sort of buffer for players if their matches are disrupted with high latency.

The EVO tournament has witnessed many memorable moments, revolutionizing such genres Daigo Ken Parry at EVO 2004 – with this new format happening, don’t be surprised if players develop new strategies to adapt.

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