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Choosing the most challenging game in the 8-bit era is a difficult task, but few people would think Ghosts and Fairies Should not be considered in the discussion.Original Arcade version It is famous for eating popcorn and other dormitories, and the subsequent NES port is also forgiving. As early as the 80s, people called it 2D. Dark soul.The difficulty of this punishment is Ghoul As well as the other follow-up games in the franchise, these games are notorious for getting players to the final level, only restarting until the game starts, then confronting opponents, and then facing the final boss.After several years of dormancy, as the series escaped from the dead, Arthur had to wear his armor on the boxer again Goblin goblins resurrected.

Goblin Goblin Resurrection There are four different difficulty levels, from difficult to almost impossible. The actual difficulties are Legend, Knight, Squire and Peggy.The first three provide classics Ghosts and Fairies Extremely difficult experiences of varying intensity. Page is the easiest but least reliable way to experience this title. In Page difficulty, the player will still die a lot, but will respawn at the death point (or close to the death point) and have unlimited lives.This is a big difficulty for those who only want to understand the world as easily as possible and eventually go to the world. Goblin Goblin Resurrection experience. Arthur’s other difficulties were reborn at the last checkpoint sign he reached, and the game did provide an option to reduce the difficulty of multiple deaths.Finishing Goblin Goblin Resurrection On the big landlord or more difficult difficulty is an impressive feat.

Goblin Goblin Resurrection Start in the typical way these days. Arthur spent some time with the Princess, and he wore traditional princess suits with his iconic boxer. As the princess was captured by a demonic figure, their quiet afternoon was interrupted. This angered Arthur, who was conveniently dressed in armor, and at this point in the series, we thought it was the only piece of clothing he owned and hunted down her captives. It was obvious from the beginning that although this is a brand new game, the developers wanted to pay tribute to the original game in the series.Players can choose their starting level between the graveyard or execution location, which is familiar to anyone who has played the game Ghosts and Fairies or Ghoul. The familiar classic themes in the first layer can play a role in either, which will be a comfort to those who play this game mainly for nostalgia restoration purposes. Any feeling of peace is short-lived, because with the exception of the strongest Ghoul’n Goblins player, death is in sight.

Gameplay Ghosts and Fairies resurrection Exactly what the fans is It’s been a while Because we have already seen one of the games, let novices know that they can expect some challenging old-fashioned 2D action platforms. Arthur needs to traverse levels full of terrifying monsters that want to stop him from moving forward. If that’s not bad enough, then there will be some difficult platforming parts, such as riding a flying snake on the back or navigating branches, they all seem to have their own ideas. Some people even think that this is a tribute to the classic “King Kong” game, but the firepower involved is even greater. At the end of each stage is the boss battle. These encounters, which are much larger than life, present challenges to overcome. Each level has its own unique design and is full of challenges.

In order to overcome these obstacles, Arthur can collect various weapons. There are classic weapons, such as spears, daggers, and crosses, as well as some new additions, including heavy hammers and discs that can throw spikes. Arthur can also throw weapons in multiple directions, which is crucial in some situations. In his quest, Arthur can collect lemon bees and use them for magic. Unlike some past games that bundled the use of magic with bronze or gold armor, Arthur could use any spell to enter battle for disposal. Thunderstorms and firewalls are classic attack spells in past games, while new ideas like Emboulden turn Arthur into a boulder while forcing players to read puns, while Transmogrifrog turns the enemy on the screen into a frog, any of the series Veteran people all hope to have the opportunity to become a person who turns an enemy into a creature without defense.

One of the attractions Ghosts and Fairies It has always been an extreme challenge. Of course, some deaths will feel cheap, and the few seconds of dying at the checkpoint can be frustrating, but this is a game where players can get better through practice and learning to overcome the challenge.I can’t describe how to beat it Super ghoul For the first time on SNES, and Goblin Goblin Resurrection When the difficult part finally passes, restore the legendary difficulty with the same degree of satisfaction. Playing the game on Legend difficulty is the intended purpose and the most realistic way to experience the game, but it may be too difficult for some people. Page is the most convenient way to experience this title. Although most players should be able to complete this mode as long as they don’t give up, it brings different satisfaction to other difficult challenges.Not to mention that completing the Page mode will not show the complete Goblin Goblin Resurrection Experience, although it is recommended that you play in the way that the player finds the most enjoyable.

Graphics Goblin Goblin Resurrection Very suitable for this game. Many classic environments and enemies have been found throughout the game, and games with modern classic styles have attracted modern sensibility and old-school fans. The graphics are stylized and look like classic game storybook illustrations, creating interesting and interesting visual effects. The score reshapes some classical music from the original work, providing the perfect finishing touch to the new and familiar. The game mechanics are smooth and responsive, which is necessary to make this difficult game enjoyable. The only minor complaint about the controls is that Arthur does not have the ability to double jump.


Ghosts and Fairies resurrection Successfully revived one of the most famous franchises in the history of video games. The developers have successfully created an original game with a modern feel while maintaining the classic style of the 80s and 90s games. Multiple difficulty settings are a good choice because they allow those who desire to be challenged to access the game. Ghosts and Fairies resurrection Although challenging, it has been carefully designed to make it a pleasant and rewarding experience in the battle to overcome challenges. Goblin Goblin Resurrection It is a worthy rebirth and won its place next to the classic title of the series.

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