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YouTube has taken the latest steps to announce that it is preparing to introduce its new features to its platform for teenagers who are preparing to switch from the “kids” app to the default version. It is said that the so-called “supervised” experience version is the middle ground between the YouTube Kids app and the main website. Please also read- YouTube now allows Android users to play videos in 4K even on low-resolution displays

Although parents have been asking online video-sharing platforms to provide a supervised experience for teenagers, YouTube has finally announced that it will launch a new beta version for parents who allow access to their children through supervised Google accounts. The new settings will restrict what teenagers can watch and the type of content they will place on the platform. Please also read- Google updates its YouTube app on iOS for the first time in 2 months

YouTube product management director James Beser said in a statement: “We heard from parents and older children that teenagers and teenagers have different needs, and our products cannot fully meet their needs.” Please also read- YouTube removed videos and songs related to farmers’ protests after “government’s legal complaint”

This GoogleOwned video platforms will disable in-app purchases, creation, advertising (including personalized ads) and comment functions. however, YouTube Quote Over time, these features are likely to be added through “age-appropriate” methods.

A supervised Google account will provide parents with three content settings for teenagers. Below are the following settings-

YouTube supervised experience content settings

explore: This setting will contain a wide range of videos and is usually suitable for audiences 9 years and older. It will include video blogs, tutorials, games, videos, music clips, news, educational content, etc.

Explore more: Exploring more modes will bring content that is usually suitable for children 13 and older. This mode will provide more video collections and allow younger viewers to access live broadcasts in the same category as “Explore.”

Most YouTube: This mode will contain almost all YouTube videos, but is not suitable for age-restricted content for children under 18 (some content contains sensitive topics).

It is worth noting that the appearance of the video on the platform will be determined by user input, manual inspection and machine learning to plan the types of each content to be included in the three content settings. With the new supervision experience, parents will be able to manage viewing and search history from the child’s account settings. The content blocking function will be activated in the near future. According to reports, it is said that the company is likely to cooperate with parents to add some of these features through parental control.

As mentioned earlier, the new YouTube supervised version will be launched in beta in more than 80 countries/regions around the world “in the coming months.” Although this version has been available for a few months, parents can use alternative options to set up a supervised Google account for their children through Google’s Family Link parental control app. The application allows parents to control screen time, restrict access to various Google products, services, and filter websites.

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