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The company said in a blog post that all users of “Autumn 2021” will get free Zoom real-time transcription. Currently, real-time transcription or automatic closed captioning is a paid feature in the app, but according to the company, the feature will be available to all users this year. Real-time transcription allows users to view real-time subtitles during a video call. This reduces the chance of communication errors between users from different regions during the meeting. Although this feature will be widely launched in the fall of 2021, it can be provided to hosts that need this feature as needed.

in a Blog post, Skyrocket Confirmed that efforts are being made to provide automatic closed captioning (also known as “real-time transcription”) to all users in the fall of 2021. Automatic closed captioning is part of the accessibility features of Zoom Meetings. It also includes keyboard accessibility, fixed or highlighted interpreter video, screen reader support, and a host of other accessibility settings. This is currently a paid feature, but it will be available for free later this year.

Before that, Zoom hopes to provide real-time transcription to all hosts that desperately need it.To do this, it requires users to fill in Online form And ask to use this feature for free. At the request of the meeting host, Zoom will provide real-time transcription for these accounts. Once real-time transcription is enabled for the requested account, the user will receive a confirmation email with more detailed information.

Scaling theory Support page “Real-time transcription” currently only supports English, and users are recommended to speak clearly for the best results. The accuracy of Zoom’s real-time transcription function depends on many variables, such as background noise, the volume and clarity of the speaker’s voice, the speaker’s proficiency in English, and geographic or community-specific dictionaries and dialects.

At the beginning of this month, Zoom New changes introduced Includes a virtual receptionist function that can be used in Zoom Rooms Kiosk mode. Other features include being able to check how many people are in the room, being able to pair the Zoom Room with your phone, and sharing the whiteboard on Zoom Chat.


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