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Guangyu Capital, A high-tech venture capital fund focusing on games, e-sports and digital sports, has invested 15 million US dollars (approximately £10.6 million) in three international video game studios, namely Snowprint (Stockholm/Berlin) ), Double Loop Games (San Francisco) and Happy Volcano (Belgium).

How will the funds be used?

The three mobile and cross-platform studios will use the funds to expand their development channels and accelerate global growth. In this round, they joined other British and American game studios Flavourworks, Polyarc and Lightfox in Hiro Capital’s portfolio.

Game, e-sports and sports investors

based on London In Luxembourg and Luxembourg, Hiro Capital usually invests in the A and B rounds after seeding.

Venture capital companies usually invest in front-end content creators in the fields of games, e-sports and digital sports, as well as in-depth technology Metaverse applications for cloud, mobile, streaming, big data, artificial intelligence, wearables, AR and VR technologies.

Ian Livingstone, co-founder of Hiro Capital, said: “We are delighted to begin announcing Hiro’s investment in three amazing game studios Snowprint, Double Loop and Happy Volcano in 2021. Each studio Both have demonstrated innovation and expertise in the development of interesting games that have resonated with today’s audiences. I am particularly pleased that one of the studios participated in our first Dark Star™ event, specifically for the hope of expanding business Designed for the emerging Indians. If venture capital became interested in the game field only in the 1970s, then in the early days of Games Workshop, I might not have to sleep in a truck!”

Luke Alvarez, the founding partner of Hiro, said: “Hiro was founded to invest in the super fields of games, sports and Metaverse technology. In every aspect, in every market, 2020/21 is a story of strong growth-users, Sales, equipment, information flow view and innovation. People fall in love, get married and graduate from games, and become stronger due to gamified wearable devices and VR fitness technology. As a venture capital, the exciting thing is, Our industry focus has been so firmly affirmed. Finally, Hiro is a diverse team, as are these new studios, including our first female game founders Emily and Shelby.”

Snowprint Studios

Snowprint Studios Established in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015, and opened a second studio in Berlin. The company runs the first mobile game “Legend of Solgard” (Legend of Solgard), and is currently developing three new mobile projects, including Rivengard (a turn-based tactical game, launched in January 2021 Launched globally on the 21st), and the upcoming undisclosed AAA mobile IP. Its Berlin studio.

“We have heard great things about Hiro and left a deep impression on the whole team in our first interaction,” Alexander Ekvall said. “The team has a deep understanding of building a successful gaming company, and this is reflected in the support they provide. Hiro’s support means that we are more capable than ever to execute our mission to provide a genre-defined experience. “

Double loop game

Double loop game It is a social mobile game studio based in San Francisco, dedicated to the development of its first game name. Double Loop Games is now preparing to launch its exciting social mobile game, which is made for players who don’t consider themselves gamers.

“We are shocked by the Hiro team’s insight into the game and the gaming industry,” said Emily Greer. “They immediately understood the upside and potential challenges facing our more innovative mechanisms. We look forward to establishing long-term and fruitful partnerships with people we know.”

Happy volcano

Happy volcano, This is a new studio from Belgium that received funding after participating in the Dark Star VC investment summit provided by Hiro Capital for early game studios. Last year, Happy Volcano released the acclaimed narrative exploration game The Almost Gone, and is currently developing a new upcoming cross-platform game You Suck at Parking.

“Partnering with Hiro Capital means that we can take the next step towards becoming a leading creative game studio,” said Jeroen Janssen, founder and CEO of Happy Volcano. “Participating in the Dark Star event in 2020 makes us clearly aware that in addition to providing funding, Hiro also brings a lot of value. Knowing that industry legends like Ian Livingstone will support your vision will make the entire team confident , We will be on the right path.”

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