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Google has made affirmative confirmation of changes to its AI department’s research review procedures this year, with the aim of gaining the trust of employees after the last two female employees who held important positions in the company were fired.

Through recordings obtained by Reuters this month, views of insights at the company’s internal meetings show that Google is committed to correctly addressing “sensitive” topics and research that are critical to the company’s business.

As early as last December, Google suddenly fired a highly regarded researcher and co-head of Google’s AI ethics team, Timnit Gebru. She previously co-authored a research paper on large-scale modeling of natural language. Potential threat of unfairness.

A person in a senior position in the company prevented her paper from being published and asked her to delete her certificate from the paper or withdraw it. But she refused, and instead mailed it to the team, proving that her behavior was part of Google’s general attitude to shut down the voices of marginalized people of color and women.

In a statement to the Financial Times, Emily Bender said: “From the outside, it seems that some people at Google think this is harmful to their interests.” Gebru is no longer an employee at the company. , Left the company within a few days.

This incident caused chaos within the company as workers launched an anti-union movement in January.

In the past week, another female employee, Margaret Mitchell, joined the ethics team with Gebru. She was also a co-author of the same research work that Gebru did, which eventually led to her being fired. At that time, she published an open letter publicly expressing her support for Gebru.

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