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In JRPG, plot distortion is a common occurrence, especially when the all-around Square Enix is ​​developed. Bravely default 2 Throw one at you early in the game. When you reach the desert city of Savalon, the prince himself will become your ally and even accompany you on a journey. Prince Custer He seems to be a very good person, but – Spoiler alert -He is not actually, we will find out later. Actually, He is the holder of the Berserker Star And ready to introduce us to a painful world.

How to defeat Prince Custer

Prince Custer is a boss with a high hit rate, Times. As the job title implies, he is a berserker, using his violent state and abilities to completely ignore our “default” commands, which means that he cannot defend himself beyond the defensive gain.

Prince Custer’s move

  1. furious: Inflict rage on yourself.
  2. new moon: Damage all targets (1 BP)
  3. Shell split: Reduce single-target attacks of physical defense.
  4. Water damage: Inflict heavy water damage on the target.

Seeing the movement above, it was clear that Castor was all about injury. He can throw a lot of numbers in the blink of an eye, so it is highly recommended to deploy a vanguard in your team to anger him and repel all his targeted attacks. In addition, equip anyone with iron bracelets and water amulet to reduce his water damage attacks and increase the survival rate.


In other words, Prince Custer’s battle is simple, but dangerous. All you have to do is to maintain integration with all tanks and heal when he is in poor health, which should be the same after every attack. You can keep Defaulting with other teams to reserve BP, or you can attack once per round. Because he is a berserker, he can bypass Default, which is their signature specialty, so don’t use it as a defense mechanism. Keep attacking him, and eventually he will collapse.

If you want to make things simple, then you can actually Toxic and freezing he. The Black Mage can deal with poison, and the Beastmaster can use the beast captured by Caseis to freeze it. Poison and Freeze do stack, so he will suffer damage from both ends. Just make sure not to use spells and melt his frozen state. He has a lot of HP, so if the battle is delayed for too long, make sure to prepare some pots. Prince Custer may be tough, but with enough patience, he is actually an approachable battle. Grab the asterisk and go to Chapter 2.

Brave default 2 only at Nintendo Switch.

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