Snoop Dogg rushed out of Twitch, but forgot to turn it off | Instant News

Just don’t make him angry.

This seems to be the legendary legendary rapper that happened on Sunday Played some Madden football on Twitch.

For those who don’t like Twitch, it allows gamers to live stream their own video games while interacting with their followers.

He even Has its own youth league From his coach to grow into a young man in the city.

But, as Snoop discovered while playing the Madden video game, any given Sunday is not always the best.

After his opponent team scored three touchdowns with zero points for the rapper, Snoop had obviously had enough because he provided some offensive weapons and rushed in.

The only problem was that he forgot to close the stream, and then streamed for more than seven hours.

So it proves that “With so much drama in LBC, Snoop DO-double-G is a bit difficult.”

CNN has contacted the representative and asked the artist to comment.


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