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Intel’s Rocket Lake chip will be released next month. Although we don’t know the price of the chip is still a lot, we have seen several different loopholes, which indicates that Intel will use its 11th-generation CPU series to increase prices.

MilwaukeePC briefly released a set of 14 Rocket Lake SKUs and price tags, and then deleted them again. This is not a great list. As always, please remember that all rumored pricing should include a large amount of table salt until it is confirmed:

A screenshot from MilwaukeePC before the part goes offline.

price list Via PCMag.

The price of Core i9-11900K has risen by 100 dollars, the price on 11900KF has risen by 105 dollars, and the price of Core i9-11900 has risen by 50 dollars. Cheaper chips, such as Core i7-11700, will also increase by 60-70 dollars. Even the price of the Core i5-11500 is said to be US$234, while the current list price is US$202.

Unfortunately, for anyone who wants Intel to lower prices to better compete with AMD, the company has decided to increase prices. Economically, this makes sense. In fact, AMD delivered every CPU it could manufacture, but due to TSMC’s capacity limitations, its market share was lost to Intel. If Intel thinks it can sell every CPU it can manufacture, then there is no reason not to charge as much as possible.

Intel’s price increase will only hurt Intel, which makes AMD a better choice. If you can’t buy an AMD CPU, it is not a better choice. Nowadays, it is difficult to find CPUs like 5800X, 5900X and 5950X, and when they appear, their prices are much higher than MSRP. This reduces the risk that Intel assumes when it raises prices.

Of course, this is not a good thing for a PC manufacturing year that already looks very bad. Although the situation may not be as bad as expected (for example, at this time last year, analysts expected a severe decline in PCs in 2020), for now, there is little hope of improvement. The chip shortage is now expected to continue between the end of July and the end of this year. No one can tell when you can buy RTX, RDNA2 or Ryzen 5000 CPU. No one knows when the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S|X can be reliably stored.

On the surface, this move is not good for Intel. The suggested retail price of the 5800X is US$449, far below Intel’s US$599 target for the Core i9-11900K. Given that the prices people pay today have nothing to do with MSRP, it is impossible to know how this will fluctuate.

The last thing we need to pay attention to.A kind Recent analysis The power behavior of Intel desktop CPUs suggests that there is no point in buying expensive K-class CPUs if you don’t plan to overclock. By default, your 65W CPU will show the same clock behavior as higher power (and higher cost) CPUs, unless you take steps to force the motherboard to maintain this TDP limit.

Don’t buy a 65W chip, thinking that the heat limit will be respected without manual UEFI adjustments, but don’t expect it to be much slower than the more powerful models.

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