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Apple plans to redesign the iconic design of the Power Mac G4 Cube for use in new Apple silicon-powered devices Mac Pro,according to recent Bloomberg report.

‌Mac Pro‌ was last updated in 2019 with a modular tower design, but as Apple transitioned its Mac product line to its custom silicon chips, M1 On-chip MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini, Bloomberg Provides insights into the next development of ‌Mac Pro‌.

Apple’s updated “Mac Pro” with Apple Silicon The size of the processor is expected to be less than half of the current Mac Pro tower, placing it between the existing Mac Pro and Mac mini. The most interesting thing is that the report said that the design of the new Mac Pro may bring “nostalgia” to the Power Mac G4 Cube, and its appearance is mostly aluminum.

The Power Mac G4 Cube was released in 2000 and was Apple’s first small desktop computer. The machine itself is suspended in an acrylic glass enclosure, giving the impression of floating. The G4 Cube does not have a fan, but is passively cooled by a grille on the top of the chassis.

Users can access its internal parts by inverting the machine and using the pop-up handle to slide the internal parts out of the housing, which is no different from the 2013 or 2019 “Mac Pro” design. Despite the commercial failure, the G4 Cube was still welcomed by a small group of enthusiastic fans who praised its visionary design.

It is believed that Apple is using up to 32 high-performance cores for its desktop computers to test high-performance custom silicon chips, and is also developing 16 to 32-core graphics options.For its most high-end machines (such as “Mac Pro”), Apple is Engage in Customized 64- and 128-core GPUs, which will be much more powerful than the AMD graphics options currently offered by Apple.

For professionals who may find that the new “Mac Pro” design backfires or are not yet ready to transition from Intel chips, it is expected that Apple will continue to provide Intel-based “Mac Pro”. This means that it may be one of the only machines in the Mac series that continues to rely on Intel technology. This model is expected to be sold together with ‌Apple Silicon‌ ‌Mac Pro‌ and is said to be the immediate successor of the current ‌Mac Pro‌ and will use the same design.

There is no news on when the two new Mac Pro models will be released, but it is likely that they will be implemented within two years of Apple’s transition to the “Apple Silicon” chip in June last a Previous report, Bloomberg It is said that “Apple Silicon” and “Mac Pro” are planned to be launched in 2022.


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