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The good thing about the Microsoft Office suite is that all the programs in the collection can work well together. An example is that you can link or embed a Microsoft PowerPoint slide into a Microsoft Word document. This is the completed process.

Link and embed

Whether you link or embed PowerPoint slides in a Word document, the goal is always the same: provide an external reference to supplement the content of the document. However, you should be aware of the subtle difference between linking and embedding.

The difference between a link and an embedded object is how to store the object’s data and how to update the content in the object. Because the data storage method between the two methods is different, the process of updating the content will also be different.

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If an object is linked, clicking the link will only send the reader to the location of the source object. The file itself does not actually store any data from the linked object to the file.If the object to be linked is large and you need Reduce the file size of Word documents. The disadvantage is that if the location of the linked object changes, the link in the Word document will be broken.

If you embed the object, you don’t have to worry about whether the position of the object will change because it has become part of the document itself. That is, Word stores the object data in the actual Word file. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about broken links in the document. The disadvantage is that when the object is updated, these updates are not reflected in the embedded object because there is no link to connect it to the source. In addition, you also need to consider the increase in file size as embedded objects increase.

Link or embed PowerPoint slides in Word documents

The difference between being able to link or embed Microsoft PowerPoint slides in a Microsoft Word document is just one click.

First, Open PowerPoint presentation Contains the slideshow you want to link or embed. Here, select the desired file by clicking its preview thumbnail.

Next, use the Ctrl + c (Cmd + c on Mac) keyboard shortcut, or right-click the slide and select “Copy” from the context menu to copy the slide to the clipboard.

right now, Open Word document You want to link or embed the slideshow. In the “Clipboard” group of the “Home” tab, click the down arrow under “Paste”.

In the drop-down menu, click “Paste Special”.

The “Paste Special” window will appear. If you have copied the PowerPoint slide to the clipboard, you will see the “Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Object” option in the box under “Save As”. Click it to select options. Next, to embed the slideshow, click the speech bubble next to “Paste.” To link the slides, click the speech bubble next to “Paste Link.” Select “OK” to insert the linked or embedded object.

Now, Microsoft PowerPoint slides are linked or embedded in Microsoft Word documents.

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