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Can you believe it’s March? The night lights last longer and the daffodils are in full bloom. There are many things to be optimistic about in the next month…especially the upcoming Nintendo Switch game.

February is a beautiful month, a beautiful day Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, Persona 5 Assaulter with Brave Default II, But we have more exciting games to look forward to, including Monster Hunter Rise.

Therefore, prepare yourself a cup of warm things and settle down with a comfortable blanket. Let’s take a look at the Switch in the next few months and in the big retail releases to come…

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In the next part of Marvelous’s Season of Life/farm sim story series, you will be able to cultivate a farm near the Olive Port next to Olive Town. The game promises more customization options and more degrees of freedom than ever before to help you live the best life, of course, there are more marriage proposals, and you will get more work for The forest clears space for new homes and nurtures all the rich natural wonders nearby.

Described as “a brand new experience for the monster hunter experience”, up to four players can join forces to rescue Kamra Village from the upcoming “Rampage”, using the new Wirebug hunting tool, and in the Palicoes and Palamutes along the way Help on the road. The “rising” in the title is obviously a reference to the verticality of the entry, it has the ability to traverse and climb surfaces and other terrain, which will make hunting more interesting.

A free limited-time demo is provided throughout January-please see our impressions in This Monster Hunter Rise demo video From the lovely Alex.

New Pokémon Snap is a brand new adventure game inspired by the classic Nintendo 64 game. Pokémon. In the game, as you research and explore unknown islands, you will shoot vivid wild Pokémon in the natural habitat. Using a trusted suitcase, you will travel through various environments such as beaches, jungles and deserts to capture previously invisible Pokémon behaviors. There is no doubt that fans of the original game on N64 will be keen to choose this game at the end of April.

More awesome Nintendo Switch games

In addition to the games highlighted above, there are more Switch retail games that may give you fantasy in March and beyond.

Great switch accessories

Finally, we will release some selected Switch accessories for your consideration in March and beyond.

That’s it in March and April-did we miss something?Let us know and comment and tell us if you have pre-ordered any of these goodies!


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