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Wallheim Yes combination my world And the Viking RPG we didn’t know needed. Viking legends and Norse mythology have become popular themes in modern games.Stand-alone headline, e.g. Iron Song with To the end Bring us a 2D horizontal scrolling Viking adventure, and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla It shines in the “Vikings” released in 2020. right now, Wallheim Is seeking to take action, quickly becoming the most downloaded game on Steam in recent history. However, the abilities of the Vikings are only as good as their axes and armor.This is the best armor list Wallheim And how to make it.

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Leather armor set

When you first generate the world Wallheim, You will only wear rags. The leather armor set will guide you through the early tutorial-like stages of the game, while learning how to make, fight and collect. After learning how to build a workbench, you need to make a “thick bow”. Now, ready to go hunting deer. The leather armor suit requires deerskin and bone fragments.

Leather armor formula and defense level

  • Leather helmet: 6x Buckskin (Defense-2)
  • Leather outerwear: 6x Buckskin (Defense-2)
  • Leather pants: 6x Buckskin (Defense-2)
  • Deerskin cloak: 6x Buckskin | 5x Bone Fragment (Defense — 1)

Once you have purchased the antler pickaxe, the leather armor will not last long. However, to defeat Axel, this armor is indispensable. Wallheim The first boss battle.

Bronze armor set

Valheim craftsmanship

Bronze armor will take you further Wallheim After completing the first pickaxe, it will be the next step. You will explore the Black Forest and mine as much copper and tin as possible. After the counterfeit is good, you can make bronze by combining copper and tin. Bronze armor will not take you through the rest of the game, but it is essential for surviving new areas and collecting resources required for upgrades. Of course, bronze armor will be much heavier than leather and provide more durability and protection.

The formula and defense level of the bronze armor

  • Bronze helmet: 5x Bronze Medal | 2x Buckskin (Defense-8)
  • Bronze Plate Breastplate: 5x Bronze Medal | 2x Buckskin (Defense-8)
  • Bronze Plate Leggings: 5x bronze medal | 2x deerskin (Defnse — 8)

Although the basic defense level of bronze armor is eight, you can get more bronze and deerskin by increasing the quality of each piece of copper. Quality level three makes each product’s defense level 12.

Iron armor set

Wallheim armor

Once you beat Bonemass, Wallheim The third boss, you can start a journey in iron armor. After you make iron for the first time, you will unlock the recipe for iron armor fragments. To do this, use a smelter to turn scrap iron in the muddy waste pile into iron ingots. But where are these muddy piles?

At this point in the game, you have obtained a Wallheim The second boss, elder. Use this key to visit the sunken catacombs, where there are large piles of muddy waste.

Iron armor formula and defense level

  • Iron helmet: 20x Iron | 2x Buckskin (Defense-14)
  • Iron Scale Mail: 20x Iron | 2x Buckskin (Defense-14)
  • Iron greaves 20x Iron | 2x Buckskin (Defense-14)

When you fully improve the quality, each piece of armor will jump to a defense level of 20. Please use other iron blocks and deerskin.

Troll armor set

Walheim Troll

Every good RPG has its stealth/stealth mechanism. Wallheim There is nothing different. Troll armor is the best light armor in the game. When wearing a complete four-piece suit, the amount of sneak attack can be increased by +25%. You need a lot of troll hide to make a complete troll armor. Fortunately, trolls are easy to spot, and can be found early in the Black Forest and Troll Grottoes. If you are lucky, you can even make a complete troll suit before challenging Eikthyr.

Trolls are slow and can easily escape. Pull out the bow and arrow and pump up the air with the arrow from a distance. Although troll armor cannot provide the same protection as bronze and iron armor, the stalker allows you to carry out deadly attacks on enemies until they have a chance to harm you.

Recipe and defense level of troll armor

  • Troll Leather Helmet: 5x Troll Skin | Bone Fragment 3x (Defense-6)
  • Troll Leather Jacket: 5x Troll Leather (Defense -6)
  • Troll leather pants: 5x Troll Leather (Defense -6)
  • Troll Leather Cloak: 10x Troll Leather | 10x Bone Fragment (Defense -1)

Obtain bone fragments by defeating skeletons everywhere Wallheim. At quality level 4, the compactness level of the troll helmet, coat, and pants will be increased to 12.

Wolf armor set

Walheim Wolf Armor

Wolf armor suit is the most versatile in the game. However, this is not the easiest to make. Players will have to travel to the cold mountain biome, where they will slowly die without freezing-resistant mead. Before you start hunting, make sure to consume a lot of alcohol coating. Making wolf armor suits will provide you with cold resistance, and you don’t have to wander in the mountains drunk to find more fur.

The unique material you need is “chain”, which is dropped by ghosts in the swamp biome. In addition to Wolf Pelts and Silver, you also need Wolf Fangs and Wolf Trophy.

Wolf armor set formula and defense level

  • Wolf Pattern Chestpiece: 20x silver | 5x wolf skin | 1x chain (defense — 20)
  • Wolf armor leggings: 20x silver | 5x wolf skin | 4x wolf teeth (defense — 20)
  • Wolf Horn: 4x silver | 6x wolf skin | 1x loot (defense -1)

The wolf armor suit does not come with a helmet, so players should equip their own bronze helmet or make an iron helmet to provide maximum protection. Upgrade the quality of the wolf armor, the defensive level of the legs and chest reaches 26 in total. Defeating the dragon leader, Moder (Moder) is also essential.

Padded armor set

Mother Wallheim

The filled armor set is Wallheim The armor at the end of the game and what each player should strive to achieve. It cannot be used until you defeat Moder (the black scale dragon that summons three dragon eggs in the mountain biome). If you don’t think you have enough ability to fight the dragon, then you will not find anything near the Papped Armor suit.

Filling the armor set is a multi-step process and will require a few different prerequisites.

  • Build an Artisan Table using the Dragon Tear put down by the Moder.
  • Making a turntable for a craftsman’s table: 20 times high quality wood | 10x nails | 5x leather waste
  • Use a spinning wheel to turn flax into flax.

After completing these steps, you can make the materials needed to fill the armor fragments.

Armor formula and defense level

  • Padded helmet: 10x iron | 15x linen thread (defense — 26)
  • Padded breastplate: 10x iron | 20x linen thread (defense — 26)
  • Padded shin guards: 10x iron | 20x linen thread (defense — 26)

Padded armor will provide you with all the protection and more iron armor without negatively affecting your movement speed. Upgrade the quality of the filling armor to make its defense level 32.

a piece

Wallheim video game

In addition to various armor combinations, you can also find individual equipment Wallheim. As you have noticed, many of the armors above do not have helmets or cloaks. Here, mixing these individual items together will take your armor game to the next level.

Dwarf Headdress

Buy this headgear from Haldor, a merchant in the Black Forest biome, and get 620 gold coins. Dverger Circlet will provide a permanent light source during caving and night expeditions.

Drake helmet

After venturing into Mountain Biome, you will encounter flying enemies called Drakes. Use any ranged attack you can use to kill it. Keep killing Drake until you get two Drake trophies. To make a Drake helmet, use a combination of:

  • 20x silver
  • 2x wolf skin
  • 2x Drake Trophy

The Drake helmet is a perfect gift for wolf armor equipment, with a base defense of 20.

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