With Studio assisting the development of “Battlefield 6”, Criterion’s new demand for speed has been postponed to 2022 | Instant News

The latest “Need For Speed” (Need For Speed) title is from Standard game, Has been postponed to 2022, and now the British studio is beginning to provide assistance, Battlefield 6 development of.

According to reports Polygon The standard did not stand out from the development of the title, it was just pushed down further Recent Codemasters acquisitions Said that the studio already has a racing game this year.Standards will allow DICE to help deliver she was“Battlefield” game. Laura Miele, EA’s chief production officer, spoke with Polygon and made the following recommendations for this decision:

“[Battlefield] The development of the team is excellent. They have been working hard last year. Yes, we have been working from home. And it’s hard.It is difficult to make games at home, and [EA DICE] The team is a bit tired. We have a great game, and this game has incredible potential. We are working hard to win; we are working hard to bring an excellent Battlefield game to the market. “

standard Regain control of the franchise After Ghost Games released three mediocre works, EA mocked the game in July last year. Miele emphasized that Criterion has participated in these discussions, and given the recent acquisition of Codemasters, to ensure that the best state of the Battlefield issuance is the top priority. After the release of “Battlefield 6”, the studio will resume the development of “Need for Speed”.

The next Need for Speed ​​game will be released in 2022.

Source- [Polygon]

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