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enlarge / With the new DLL fixer, you can spend less time looking at loading screens like this.

A hacker next to the T0st controller said that he has Find a core problem Lead to exceeding the required load time Grand Theft Auto Online for many years.Hacker has been released Proof of Concept DLL Repair This reduces the lengthy start-up time by approximately 70%.

Grand Theft Auto OnlineFor seven years, the loading time of the PC has been an issue. Although the hardware and game status have been improved overall, the loading time of the PC is still very slow. Issuer Take Two’s continued profitable source of income.One Last year’s anonymous Reddit poll It was found that about half of the players waited three to six minutes to load the game, and about 35% of the players waited longer to start the game.

This is not a scientific investigation, nor is it anything, but even considering self-selection and reporting issues, these loading times are very long, especially for such old games.This question is even more difficult to understand when playing single player​​ Grand Theft Auto V The loading speed is often many times faster.

Save disassembly time

To understand the problem in depth, T0st write They first performed a performance analysis of their CPU to try to figure out why the game would maximize a single CPU thread within 4 minutes during the loading process.After using the tool to dump Process stack And disassemble Grand Theft Auto Since the code runs in memory, T0st noticed a set of (somewhat obfuscated) functions that seem to be parsing 10MB JSON files, the total number of which exceeds 63,000.

The JSON file in question seems to be an “online shop directory” describing each item Grand Theft Auto Online Players can use in-game currency to purchase.10MB files should not be parsed and also For modern computers, this is a big problem, but some obscure problems in the specific implementation seem to cause a significant drop in speed.

First, the specific function used to parse the JSON string (looks like Scandinavian, In this case) is obviously running Time-consuming anomaly check function Repeat after reading Each piece of data. T0st wrote that just by caching the string length value to speed up the check, you can reduce the loading time by more than 50%.

After parsing all these JSON data, Grand Theft Auto Online It seems to be loaded into the array in an extremely inefficient way. As the entire array grows, the entire array is checked from the beginning for duplicates.use Hash table T0st wrote that it can quickly check for duplicates, thereby reducing load time by approximately 25%.

Combining these two fixes, T0st says Grand Theft Auto OnlineOn the test machine, the load time was reduced from six minutes to less than two minutes.Those who are interested in copying the results can Build a similar DLL from T0st’s source code. However, since this can easily (incorrectly) cause anti-cheat checks in the game, players should take their own risks.

At the same time, T0st wrote that implementing this fix for all players on the Rockstar side “a developer can spend up to a day to fix it”. I hope this issue will arouse new attention and enable Rockstar to do so as soon as possible.

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