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Suppose you are a junior employee who has just been assigned the first major project. You are excited about this opportunity, but it is also a little disturbing. Without any prior experience, you are trying to find a way to arrange your time.

However, then a message pops up in your Microsoft Teams channel. The line manager has just sent you some learning resources that will guide you to understand exactly how to run the project. Some resources are internal company guidelines, and other resources are a more general understanding of project management. After reading them, you will feel more confident.

This is the idea behind Microsoft’s new L&D experience, Viva Learning. Through team delivery, it provides employees with relevant learning content that they can apply in their work.

Viva Learning is more than just a learning management system. Indeed, I believe it can help solve major unmet needs in professional learning and development.

What is long live learning?

Viva Learning is one of the recently released modules Microsoft Live Employee experience platform. Viva runs on Microsoft Teams and aims to support communication, knowledge, learning and insights.

Its learning function represents a major step forward in how the company provides training to employees. It works as follows:

  • In the team, the new learning tab is visible.
  • Employees click the learning tab, and then they will see various learning and development content.
  • This content can come from your own internal learning system, Microsoft and LinkedIn learning, or from online platforms such as Cornerstone and Coursera.
  • Employees can then use this content directly in Microsoft Teams, which means they don’t have to go all out for training.

Viva Learning allows individual employees to quickly access content that they can use at work. Microsoft uses AI to provide articles, videos, and guides related to the types of work performed by individual employees. Employees can also share this content with colleagues through the channels that add them to their team.

Managers can also benefit from Viva Learning. They can share content with colleagues to help them acquire new skills. They can also develop a personalized learning schedule for the people they manage and check who has completed the course.

Within the organization, learning and development professionals can now understand how much training content employees are consuming.

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Viva Learning aims to meet unmet training needs

So, what makes Viva Learning different? From my point of view, the most attractive feature of this tool is that it can solve some of the most pressing challenges facing learning and development today in the internal workflow of the Microsoft team.

As we all know, L&D currently cannot fully meet the needs of the organization. To point out some statistics:

  • only 37% Of employees are satisfied with the company’s training and learning opportunities.
  • 70% Of employees believe that they do not have the skills required for the job.
  • 54% Of employees need to retrain or upgrade their skills by 2022 to maintain productivity.
  • 79% Of employees want to learn more at work.

Although there is clear evidence that traditional corporate training cannot meet demand, many organizations continue to rely on standard top-down classroom training. Viva Learning is a very popular attempt to solve this problem.

Viva Learning actively introduces new L&D methods, which are more relevant and suitable for today’s working world.

  • Employees learn at their own pace: According to LinkedIn research, About 58% Of people prefer to learn at their own pace. Viva Learning meets this need. Employees can access training content anytime and anywhere in the work environment.
  • Learning is personalized: Thanks to the use of AI, Viva Learning can find out which skills employees may need to engage in. Then, the relevant content it provides will help them work more effectively-instead of general training with limited benefits​​.
  • Target training for managers: Viva Learning allows managers to recommend training to their team.A kind LinkedIn Study surveys show that three-quarters of employees will accept courses suggested by their managers.
  • Support learning when needed: Providing learning when needed is usually the most effective. Whether it’s managing a difficult employee, trying to understand your company’s compliance process or just using certain software, it is usually very beneficial in the learning process. It’s much more useful to get answers when you need them than when you recall a training course a few months ago. indeed, 49% Of people say this is their preferred way of learning.
  • Encourage learning culture: One of my favorite features of Viva Learning is that it encourages a true learning culture. Managers can not only assign training tasks to employees, but employees can also share learning resources with colleagues. This means that the team is constantly improving their skills.

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Where will Viva Learning go next?

Although Viva Learning will become the knowledge center for employees in Microsoft Teams, it will inevitably cause confusion for customers because it is a hybrid of the knowledge center and the learning management system (LMS). Microsoft doesn’t seem to want it to become a fully-fledged LMS, but it is still unclear which path it will take in one or two years.

Viva Learning currently has limited integration with some existing LMSs (such as Cornerstone and Saba). Through these integrations, Viva Learning can learn courses and insights from these LMSs. No plans for future LMS integration have been disclosed. Given that there are hundreds of LMSs around the world, this will be a difficult decision for Microsoft-how do you choose whom to work with and whom to reject?

The final outcome of Viva Learning is not very clear. We know that it was introduced to fill the learning gaps in the workflow in Microsoft Teams. However, we don’t know what it will evolve into and whether it will eventually provide learning content outside of Microsoft Teams, because Teams is only a component of Microsoft 365 (although it is the main component), and learning needs to be done where the user is. .

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I am a long live believer

Viva Learning is a welcome addition to the experience of Microsoft Teams employees. There is still a long way to go to meet people’s current unmet learning needs. At the same time, it allows companies to take full advantage of their investment in digital learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning or Coursera, and ensure continuous use of training content. I can’t wait to see the long-term impact of Viva Learning on employee training, productivity and professional development.

Asif Rehmani is the founder of… VisualSP Self-service and training system in the context of SharePoint and Office 365. Since 2007, he has been a SharePoint MVP, trainer, consultant and author.

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