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I started the new generation of consoles with the expectation of being able to play most games on the PS5, just like my previous generation played most games on the PS4. But nearly five months later, I spent most of my time on Xbox Series X, and now I feel bad, like I ignored my PS5.

I was fortunate to have encountered two new machines during the release. I did not use any special contacts or industry contacts to obtain them. I just opened a lot of tabs and started looking for game consoles when the booking started.At that time, I mainly bought Xbox Series X because I knew I wanted to play Halo And some other Microsoft exclusive products.Besides, this is the first time in my life saving money Purchase two new consoles at launch. So, if there is a chance, why not buy both at the same time?

After both machines arrived in November, I mainly play PS5.I have got Heaven falls with Miles Morales.I beat Astronomy Game Room.I downloaded and played PS4 games, for example Grand Theft Auto Online with Red Dead Online. I had a great time. But in the past few months, the situation has changed.

December, I got Xbox Series X storage expansion card, Provides me with an extra 1TB of next-generation space. This is very useful because it allows me to download and install more next-generation titles.On PS5, it is still not possible to expand the SSD storage, which limits things like call-of-duty You can install it now. I also started downloading more Xbox 360 and Xbox One games I own and found that they played well on the new machine. Game Pass started adding more games to my ever-increasing plaything list. I also started to take advantage of the ability to bounce between Xbox One, PC and Xbox Series X. With some games, I can play anywhere without saving and transferring.

E.g, Gear 5. I started replaying the game on Xbox One, then moved to PC, then moved to my Xbox Series X, and my GF played some content on PC, and then moved when I wanted to play in the living room by the fireplace To xCloud on the phone. On a cold night. It just works. I don’t have to manage saving, installation or anything else. It is seamless.This happened too Guardian regiment. I started playing on Xbox One. Then, I got a new game console and started the game on the X series. All my progress, achievements and savings are waiting for me. No fuss, no extra steps.At the same time, on PS5, I can change the saved content from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla But I did not get all the trophies.I also accidentally downloaded I went to install the PS4 version for the first time, This is annoying and a waste of time.

Another important reason I spend more time on Xbox is backward compatibility. Of course, almost all PS4 games can run on PS5, but there are no PS3 or PS2 games on the new machine. On Xbox, I have been playing Xbox 360 games, Xbox One games, and even original Xbox games. They also look great due to the Auto HDR feature built into the new Xbox. Recently, old games on Xbox Series X with FPS Boost function have become better.It is still limited, but able to play The story of the new super lucky Play at 120 fps awesome. Chief Minister Collection It also runs at 4K/120 fps and has become one of the games I have played the most in 2021. I can jump to the PC to keep my account constantly improving, which is also a very good choice.

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The game pass is another important reason why my PS5 started to collect dust.I just downloaded Dirt 5 To the Xbox that was recently added to Game Pass. I didn’t even open the console. I did everything through the easy-to-use Xbox app on my phone. In fact, I can play it on my phone via xCloud, but I will wait to play it on a large 4K TV with 120 fps mode enabled.

I think as more and more large-scale Sony games come out, such as Horizon West Forbidden or Ratchets and jingles: Rift Valley, I will find myself spending more time on PS5. However, if you are currently trying to buy a next-generation game console, first of all, good luck! Second, if you are not very picky, I think Xbox X may be the best choice now. Especially when you care about playing older games or are willing to pay for Game Pass.

Like I said before, I feel sad.My poor PS5 is over there, it only took a few hours RDO or Grand Theft Auto Online. I want to love it.I adore my PS4, even PSVR headset. This is one of my favorite game consoles of all time. But I can’t stop playing my Xbox Series X, nor do I want to. Sorry, PS5.When i will be back Death cycle come out. committed to!

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