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Popular digital card game Rune legend It is expanding into the desert area of ​​Shurima. “Climbing Empire” will be officially released tomorrow, bringing new cards and game mechanics, and providing updates for every corner of the game. The big winner of “Climbing Empire” is 110 new cards, including 9 new champions. In particular, the Shurima card is built around three themes: time and inevitability, promotion of the glory of the champion (a specific subcategory of the card), and the grandeur and cruelty of the desert area.

In the legend of Runeterra, Shurima was once a powerful civilization spanning the entire continent. Shurima was founded by ascended clergy and prospered for thousands of years, until the last emperor of the country failed to advance and led his country to ruins. Some supporters in the area tried to make a living in the hard and ruthless desert, while others wanted to restore Shurima to its forgotten glory.

In addition to adding the first set of cards to the Shurima area, “Climb Empire” also added three new keywords, each of which added new card mechanisms and rules to build decks. “Countdown” is a timer that activates cards and landmarks once a certain number of rounds have passed. “Prediction” allows players to view the first three cards on their deck and rearrange them, thereby giving them a certain degree of control over the upcoming turn. Finally, if the player’s allies have been injured at least 5 times or more in the game more than 5 times, the “reputation” will activate certain functions.

In addition to the new card, the new Rune legend It also added a new prototype (card combination) to the game’s popular Expedition mode, as well as the PvP version of its United Front Lab (experimental mode, where two players work together and take turns against a common enemy to play cards), and launched a new Season ranking. The game also adds a variety of new emoticons, card bottom cover and other advanced options.

The new extension will be officially launched tomorrow, March 3.


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