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  • Hu Tao’s story pursuit now lives in “Genshin Impact”
  • It is difficult for some players to open the door in “Perfect Delivery”
  • The following are some tips and tricks on how to solve difficult problems in the exploration of Hu Tao’s story

Walnuts can finally be obtained through the Blooming Moment banner in “Genshin Impact”. Her story mission, called “Perfect Delivery”, is now available and sees players accompany the fire character in a long dungeon, full of monsters, spiders and ghosts. Players who are looking for ways to solve difficult problems in missions can use some of the tips and tricks in this guide.

Yellow sign

In a step called “Follow the Road to the Border”, “Genshin Impact” players will find themselves in a place that looks like temple. Here, they will fight the enemy and open the mysterious door by looking at the yellow sign correctly. This part is not the main problem in the mission, but some players find it very tricky.

Players will find yellow signs on the rocks, and they must look at these signs in a certain way so that they form an icon. To do this, the player needs to stand under a yellowish light on the ground and adjust the camera several times until the sign turns yellow and opens the door. Those who cannot make the sign flash can try to change its position on the ground.

Hehe, did I scare you? ???? My appearance shocked me, so many surprises? Hmm…so should I call this a ridiculous failure-or a brilliant success? Photo: Gebshin Impact official YouTube channel

Master puzzle

The main problem of Walnut’s perfect gift mission is to put the “Genshin Impact” player in a room with a door. They will see a huge spider web on the left and a blue sphere in the center of the room. They should grab the blue sphere, but don’t use it for now.

The player needs to destroy the spider web first and move forward. After that, they must enter the cave and swim to the left until they reach a new place. Path. Following this path will cause the player to be blocked by the box. They should cross these boxes to find the green portal. After that, they should turn left.

Then, the player will find himself in the room with the same mysterious door. Again, they will see the same spider webs and blue spheres. They need to grab the sphere and light the two lanterns near the door to unlock it. After that, the player needs to follow the yellow target point and enter the final cutscene. This is a confirmation that the challenge has been completed.


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