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The planned Motorola-branded Wear OS smartwatch and Qualcomm’s New Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor May have leaked (by 9to5Google). If the photos are real, not just rendered photos, it may indicate that the performance of the next Moto 360 (or Moto 360) is significantly better than the previous one, and may gain some efficiency gains from the 28nm process jump. To 12nm

2019 Moto 360 Used Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor,this is only A minor update was made to the 2100 in 2016.Although Qualcomm claims that the CPU speed of the new 4100 has increased by 85%, the GPU speed has increased by two and a half times, and the battery life has increased by 25%, it seems There is only one watch on the market There are actually chips.

In the investor presentation, together with three other smartwatches, images showing potential watches were found (it seems that wireless charging coils are also shown).There is some text on the back of the unnamed watch and Reddit user TheMacJezza Zoom in and enhanceWhen they saw it, it seemed to say “Snapdragon Wear 4100”. I am not a logician, but that seems to mean that this Mytoy Moto is equipped with Snapdragon Wear 4100 (especially considering that the current Moto 360 also has its processor name printed on the back).

Unnamed Motorola watch, after some comparison adjustments.
Picture: u / ThemacJezza

Motorola does not actually make a smart watch under the Moto brand. The name has been authorized to a company called eBuyNow, Released the third generation of Moto 360 In 2019. eBuyNow subsequently merged with another company called CE Brands, according to 9to5GoogleThe report was reported earlier in an investor report, which contains detailed information on the Moto brand’s 2021 hardware roadmap.

correct: This article previously hinted that Motorola-branded smart watches are still manufactured by Motorola; it has been updated to reflect that the brand has been licensed. edge Sorry for the mistake.

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