Racing Game Company acquired Studio397, a developer of racing simulation technology | Instant News

Racing games have Acquired Studio397, a developer of racing simulation technology The cost is undisclosed.

Studio397 is the company behind the rFactor2 racing simulation platform, which is dedicated to copying the physical conditions of real racing cars by combining “surreal” technology.

At the same time, motorsport is most famous for its work in motorsport. Nazca fever Franchise and Racing predictor.

The deal will allow Studio397 to continue working on rFactor2 while developing physical and processing models for Motorsport’s upcoming project. Motorsports also pledged to use its own resources and expertise to further enhance rFactor2, especially in the target areas emphasized by the racing community.

“We think this is good news for the simulation racing community, because we can now take advantage of the best elements of the rFactor 2 platform, combine it with our basic use of Unreal Engine (developed by Epic Games), and join us The other components of the talented team have been developing in the past two years.” said Stephen Hood, president of motorsport.

“Our goal is to start with a product with a soul. When the planned acquisition is completed, we can operate safely, but the premise is to ensure that another ambitious problem has been solved.”

After the transaction is completed, the existing management and development team of Studio397 will remain unchanged.


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