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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition Game director Masahiro Sakurai brought some good news to Xenoblade fans on Thursday morning: The new warrior Pyra (Pyra) and Mythra (Mythra) Today we are going to get rid of the Nintendo Switch fighting game. But Monster Hunter fans were hit hard, because Sakurai also showed off the new Mii Fighter costume based on Monster Hunter. For many fans, this ruled out (or “cancelled the confirmation”) the possibility of a monster hunter-themed dedicated fighter. final.

When the Mii Fighter costume is based on Geno from Super Mario RPG Added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition. However, the inclusion of Geno in the core lineup of Smash Bros. has been an unattainable process. monster hunter? It must be more popular today.

Sakurai said that a new Mii Fighter outfit based on Monster Hunter has been added, which includes Rathalos armor and helmets, Hunter armor and helmets in the Swordfighter category, and Felyne hats. About to be released Monster Hunter Rise. Capcom will bring this game to Nintendo Switch on March 26.

But there are only two characters left Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition in the game Warrior Pass 2, Fans don’t want them to get an independent Monster Hunter fighter on the game roster.

Fans of Smash Bros. should not expect Arthur from the Ghosts’n Goblins series to appear on the next DLC fighter, which is a hidden rule banned based on who is denied an invitation to Smash. Arthur also won the Mii Fighter costume on Thursday, which is in line with the recently released ” Goblin Goblin Resurrection On the switch.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate EditionThe new Mii Fighter costume is priced at 75 cents each. Pyra and Mythra can be purchased as part of Challenger Pack 9 at a price of $5.99, and it is a $29.99 Fighters Pass Vol. a part of. 2.

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