Guilty Gear-Strive for PS5, PS4 and PC- reveals the new game, showcasing the actions of I-No and Mito Anji | Instant News


The New Game + Expo is in full swing, and Arc System Works provides new content for its upcoming fighting game Guilty Gear -Strive-.

New Game + Expo In full swing, Arc System Works is Guilty Gear -Strive-

This time, we did not find a new character (the entire initial roster has been revealed), but the trailer shows the action game of I-No and Mito Anji.

You can check it out below.

By the way, the game is about to be launched on PS5, PS4 and PC, and Postponed until June 11th this morning.

We already know the entire initial roster of 15 characters, The first character pass has five more. They have not yet been revealed.

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