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Firm Call of Duty: War Zone The players worked together and blew up almost all vehicles on the map through a series of cluster strikes, thus successfully breaking the rules of the game.

Flag bearer Marley Thirteen asked his 149 friends to participate in the war zone competition and agreed to a ceasefire so that they could try this feat. The idea is simple: collect every car in the game, park them nearby, and then summon a series of swarm strikes to blow them up.

As Marley Thirteen introduced in the video above, this is no easy task. In some cases, it was too early for someone to call a cluster strike, and they had to start again. The player tried again, but failed because people parked the vehicle too recklessly. The bumps and collisions of the vehicles caused some of them to explode, triggering a chain reaction.

After a successful attempt, everyone drove to the designated meeting place and parked in an orderly manner to keep each car intact and ready for a large-scale performance. Once every car was installed in place, they called a cluster strike, and then an epic explosion occurred. Soon after the vehicle started to blow up, the Warzone server crashed, possibly due to a chain reaction causing some sort of back-end issue that the game was not prepared for.

The entire video is worth watching. This is just another example of the Warzone community pushing the game to its limit, exceeding anyone’s expectations.

According to a report, Activision itself is planning to demolish the Warzone map as planned.Sometime this spring, the studio Reportedly will blow up Verdansk and replace it with a Black Ops-themed map As part of a transformation that has been going on for several months.

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