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With the development of satisfactory gameplay, even entering the third expedition, it is clear that the ACE team is ringing the last few drops of goodwill that the “Rock of Ages” series can achieve.Even if this does show how familiar the formula is Eventually become (Some occasional technical problems sometimes occur), this Chilean studio at least maintains skill in the gameplay. Moreover, the sub-categories of gameplay are ranked first, no matter on the premise of the absurdity, or under the premise of the absurdity. It remains to be seen whether it can be understood as a symbolic “forward” point for the ACE team-we will not see any new “Rock of Ages” material from now on. At least, after broadcasting the studio’s latest title, Eternal cylinderIn quite a few hours, someone argued that the team has taken the next logical step in its own development. To hone your skills, more specifically, to find a new way to combine aesthetics with mechanics. But the most surprising thing is that this is a new one, if it is similar to a surreal premise.

Then, for developers who wish to succeed in previous developments, this kind of development adapted to the current task becomes one of the focuses of developers’ attention. Eternal cylinder. In all other otherworldly sightings. Especially because of the way the nominal pillar of eternity imposes itself. A behemoth, a boulder that straddles the horizon, everywhere is the main threat that you and your Trebhum biobelt must always surpass and maintain a safe distance.To be honest, I initially entered Eternal cylinder Expectations are completely different from the proposed game loop. The inference is that this marathon is more like a marathon than the occasional sprint. Yes, there will be opportunities to clear resources here, and it is possible to dive into opportunity-oriented caves, but it will always give you peace of mind. Worrying about you is always a foolish decision to stay away from death. In fact, time is never a luxury. The Eternal Column itself cannot and will not stop. The name of the game deliberately pays attention to the key points here.

The fact is that this is not entirely the case, or at least part of it is not the case. As far as we know, although huge giant buildings are looming at any time (the game lore claims that it is a billion-year-old force that has destroyed countless civilizations before), the ACE team provides room for maneuver. It is presented in the form of towers dotted on a mainly rectangular map. Reach the required tower in time and place a Trebhum on its corresponding base to suspend the cylinder. However, the interesting thing is that if you can’t reach the tower or just choose to ignore it, the Cylinder will move on. In theory, this means that it can continue in many biomes. In this case, when the cylinder is temporarily stopped, players can wander around and explore the limited environmental area. The cylinder will be reactivated only when you step out of the predetermined safety zone, and it just rushes frantically to the next tower at close range. Make sure to read the basic cartographic knowledge provided by the map in the game to find out which part of the environment provides the fastest and easiest way to solve the problem of reaching the next vital tower.

Fundamentally, the sound of this back and forth transfer sounds a lot like-collect resources, run to the next safe zone, collect resources, run to the next safe zone- Eternal cylinder Fortunately, it is much more delicate than its premise, and the interesting thing is that it has appeared.It’s worth noting that the ACE team itself found a way to make the behavior of being resentful and watching the watch commonplace in most survival games, and actually did not have much impact on the experience (although the starving watch follows People’s attention and further development) OK), arguably the best thing Eternal cylinder If you want to maximize the number of successful pathways that one person can enter, then how actually manage your Trebhum group as a whole.More importantly, how Eternal cylinder Likewise, it is not so simple that “getting more” is an ideal route. You can do your best to recruit/collect as many Trebhums as you can, but this is a short-term decision made by players during travel and may actually prevent you from joining a larger lineup.

The basic point is that each Trebhum has three storage slots and a water meter, mainly used as its thirst meter, and can also be used as a projectile weapon to loosen items from hard-to-reach walls or ledges. During the journey, you will also encounter certain plants and animals that can evolve and mutate Trebhum, which in turn gives them new abilities. Some of these abilities are commonplace-the ability to jump higher, swim or withstand toxic fumes (in one case, becomes a requirement of the story). However, others were discovered by chance through exploration, which in turn brought greater dilemmas for how people plan to move forward. Suppose you stumble upon a creature, and once the creature is consumed, it can immediately digest food and immediately replenish the water meter. Another more surprising finding is that you will undoubtedly handle many raw materials. Doing so will convert them into craft resources, which not only allows you to upgrade the statistics of Trebhums, but can also be used to recruit more Trebhums that you stumbled upon during your travels. So, this is a dilemma: whether you will store non-edible materials in order to convert them (assuming you have even found this ability), you are at risk of insufficient food. On the contrary, make it a priority, because hunger/thirst/energy also affects the sprint effect to the next safe zone.

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Given that each opportunity is multi-stage-for this you need this opportunity, and this can only be accessed through this method-you can quickly see that it is a matter of time investment, because it is about how much effort you put in You are willing to add exploratory elements to the question. Without considering this approach, are you willing to sacrifice valuable inventory space for this? There is an interesting tug-of-war between priorities. When the priority drops, everyone has their own equally useful benefits. Even if some of the potential benefits are realized by satisfying the survival aspect of things. Those meters won’t fill themselves up after all. But even so, if it were not the case, the tug of war would not be as interesting as it. Eternal cylinder Structured. Discover opportunities for yourself. How to make caves or interesting places in the environment does not always guarantee a good return on your investment, but it is worth a try anyway. The food may be abundant, but the weirdness of over-abundance eventually becomes meaningless, which is meaningless exercise. Interestingly, this seems to be important. In the deeper space, survival becomes the key. The risk of slowly accommodating too many people in your party is highlighted.

Having a larger team to get as many resources (or snouts) as possible, everything is fine, but it means more food is needed. So, are you actually using it safely and can only use a limited, or even a single Trebhum, while there are only three inventory slots for you to use. This does not take into account the carnivores looking around, not to mention the need to ensure that each of your creatures reach their desired destination unharmed. The annoying thing is that some AI-controlled Trebhums may change as you keep switching back and forth control-watching a creature get stuck on a part of the world’s geometry, or even pointlessly jumps into a cave after you and suddenly Forget how to get quit. The back end is for charitable purposes, but even so, paving cracks does not mean that the problem will not persist, and the worrying thing is that it will lead to some unfair deaths afterwards.Even so, both strategies have their own advantages and disadvantages, but Eternal cylinder The benefits of staying alive (and therefore correct) are not important, because survival games overestimate the way things are played, but this kind of survival is far more meaningful than staying straight. -Reducing is the basic progress of the game.

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The ACE team hopes to find a new and creative way to combine their love of surreal visual peculiarities with game hooks that are deeper than originally drawn. This is not surprising.Maybe that’s why Eternal cylinder So prominent. It’s not just its surreal setting that managed to linger in memory-it’s because it managed to get rid of the arcade-like brief bursts of the game and overcome the trap of survival, and in this way it avoided the trap of survival. , Become a longer-term achievement. A requirement that is difficult to ignore may be to maintain the highest level of the meter in order to survive the next inevitable sprint away from the nominal cylinder. But the good news is that the ACE team went beyond the short sprint and entered the recognized more mechanized field, where wise and patient decisions are rewarded, and the equivalent cost of impatience is also expensive. The territory that contradicts its own aesthetics provides one of many strategies with many clever inducements to participants, including all the risks and dangers that the aforementioned route may bring.The speech will definitely attract people’s attention, but Eternal cylinderIts promise lies in its structure. Players may want to see a proper balance between survival and budding adventures.

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